Urim and Thummin

"As to the abilities of physical reproduction, much of the activity of the Leydig makes for that as of embryonic in its activity, or of sterility in its activity. So we have those channels. These are not the psychic forces, please understand! They are the CHANNELS through which the activities have their impulse! though the manifestations may be in sight, in sound, in speech, in vision, in writing, in dreams, in Urim or Thummim, or in any. For these represent Urim and Thummim in their essence, or in ANY of the RESPONDING forces in a body; but their impulse arises from or through these sources in much the same manner as the heart and the liver are of the physical body the motivating forces, or impulses, that carry the stream of life itself; or as the brain is that motivating center of impulse or mind. These are merely as illustrations that the student may better understand the activity of that being presented." Cayce (294-142) M, Pg 1

(Q) "''Is there any likelihood at the present time of developing a machine, based on the action of the electromagnetic cell, which may assist in securing direct communication as done by Aron and Moses - and many others - with the Urim and Thummim?
(A) Find in self that as Hatshepsut put to self, in knowing who should be chosen - yet the trouble arose. Do not make the same mistake, that the VIBRATION is the force - but that which impels same from the Creative Force. Such machines are claimed to be made. Some do, some do not, create the right vibration. Too oft does there enter in those personalities of those seeking.''"

"Then, in self find the way to aid; and call again on Ra-Ta [294] - and on Hatshepsut - they are as Urim and Thummim, a channel only." Cayce (355-001) F, Pg 6

17. "For, as will be seen, the entity made FOR the priest the Urim and the Thummim!"

18. "And the entity may give much of that which comes as an influence in the experiences through the deeper meditation; much constructive counsel to those that seek into the mysteries that are hidden in the activities of those who would give their expression of that they have conceived from the Spirit, that MOTIVATES them in their activities." Cayce (987-002) F, Pg 3

"Like other Hebrew proper names, the name of God is more than a mere distinguishing title. It represents the Hebrew conception of the divine nature or character and of the relation of God to His people. The Name represents the attributes which He bears and which are revealed through His acts to His people. Any new manifestation of His interest or care gives rise to a new name. Even to make mention of Yahweh's Name is to assert confidence in His strength. The Lord said, "My Name is in him". God's Name excites certain emotions. The forty-two letter Name of God is Azilut or "Animation". The Cabbalists added the forty-five letter Name which is equivalent in value to the sentence referring to Yahweh, "What is His Name", found in Proverbs 30:4. The numerical value of the letters is counted. A combination of God's seventy-two-letter Name appears in the Urim and Thummim, consisting of the names of the twelve Patriarchs and the twelve Tribes of Israel. When the Urim and Thummim were consulted in regard to any matter, the divine Name lit up the letters which were brought into relief or into such a combination as to make the answer to the question asked intelligible. Creation is said to have occurred by the manipulation of the sacred letters forming the divine Names." Cayce (2067-012) F, Pg 16

"Well that each individual attempt to correlate those conditions as do appear in vision, or through Urim, and bring same to consciousness, that the physical conditions may be developed and strength may be gained individually, that will assist in giving much to self's satisfaction (never to self-gratification), to self's development, to self's abilities to be of service to many. And rather than, as given here, allowing self to be abused that others may gain the lighter way, better that the understanding come that the hurt that would be brought to self would bring more condemnation to others than were the conditions guided aright and in the manner that the truth and the responsibility of the conditions fall where they should." Cayce (106-008) F, Pg 1

"Hence INTUITIVE force is the better, for in this there may come more the union of the spirit of truth with Creative Energy; thus the answer may be SHOWN thee, whether in Urim, in Thummim, in dream, in numbers, in WHATEVER manner or form. For He IS the strength of them all, and beareth witness IN thee and through thee - if ye but do His biddings." Cayce (261-015) M, Pg 4

(A) "As has been given, either by vision, by prayer, by Urim, by Thummin, by dream, or in the material things, may the vision of those that are in the heart and mind of individuals given through the powers of those in the spirit plane to enter into association, communication, or activity with those that they seek to guide." Cayce (294-174) M, Pg 3

"As He has spoken through prophet, through sage, through Urim, through Thummim, through dream, through vision, since man has been in materiality or in matter, so may the spirit of truth still give expression to those that seek His face, and to find expression of same among their fellow man." Cayce (338-003) F, Pg 3

(A) "Again the reaction of the superconscious through the subconscious forces bringing to bear on the super-mental forces of the consciousness the necessity of the full awakening from within, as is followed in that as of apparent reason, for when there is found the reasoning of conditions in vision, dream or Urim, this may be known: The projection comes from the superconscious forces rather than of co-relation [correlation] of the conscious with subconscious, or of subconscious force alone. As is seen in that of the desire or wonder how to awaken self and let others sleep or rest, remember first that injunction as has been given: The ability to give out lies the greater ability to obtain. Hence the greater lesson should be: Awaken to the newness of strength from within, yet find this in giving to those who would also assist in the awakening." Cayce (900-084) M, Pg 2

(A) "Again that ever ready guidance, when one allows themselves to drift into, or by physical action so place themselves in that condition wherein the voice from within speaks to the individual through Urim. As in this, we see again that of the conditions as have been referred to with two separate, distinct, conditions and peoples, and in this, as it were, the intuitive forces magnifying to the point of where the entity, the body, [900], must make the choice as to the one to be believed, and co-relating [correlating] those conditions of that as has been made manifest in the life, mind, experience and forces of body, must make the choice for his own satisfaction." Cayce (900-086) M, Pg 1

EC: "Yes, we have the mind, the body here, [900]. We have had this before, you see. With the developments as we see are going on in the mind of this individual, there comes from time to time the various lessons that may be gathered and made applicable in the life of this body, for through the visions, dreams, as are had, with correlation of conditions that are thought of, studied, weighed, in the mental forces, the subconscious in its development takes hold, as it were, on such subject matter, such data, as is presented in the sleeping state, and through Urim presents same to the mind for the study of conditions, as the body, mind, of the body develops, for as has been given, this entity may give to the world those principles upon which the union and fusion of the great truths that would draw many, many men unto a better knowledge and understanding of those divine truths as are set in Him, for He is the Truth, the Light, and the Way, and all men may draw nigh unto Him and learn of Him (of God) through the understanding of the forces as are manifest in a physical world through the understanding that may be acquired in the mind of this body, [900]." Cayce (0900-090) M, Pg 1

(A) "Just as given. This gives that indication of how the many changes will occur in this advance as is coming to this stock, covering a considerable period, as is judged again by physical forces, see? yet the Voice, through Urim, through Dream, through many, will give that information to be executed by, through, [900]. Act upon same as same is received." Cayce (900)-151 M, Pg 2

"The abilities are indicated in weaving, in color. The color of the robe was pearl-gray, as would be called now, with selvage woven around the neck, as well as that upon the edge, as over the shoulder and to the bottom portion of same; no belts [bells?] no pomegranates, but those which are woven in such a manner that into the selvage portion of the bottom was woven the Thummim and Urim. These were as the balance in which judgments were passed by the priest. But these were woven, not placed upon the top of same. Neither were there jewels set in same." Cayce (3175-003) F, Pg 3

"Before that we find the entity was in the English land during those periods when there were the activities from the daughter of Hezekiah, the king, whose activities were cut short and then prolonged by Nebuchadnezzar. There was the founding of those activities in the English land in and about those places where the stones were set up as the alters. These were to represent the tabernacle. These were enlarged upon and these were those experiences of the entity, and thus all forms of mysticism, all forms of occult science, occult influences were a portion of the activity; as the holy of holies, the ephod, Urim and Thummim; all of these were parts of the entity's experience." Cayce (5259-001) F, Pg 3

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