â–¸ noun: a word or set of words by which a person or thing is usually known
â–¸ noun: a reputation
â–¸ noun: by the sanction or authority of
â–¸ noun: a language unit by which a person or thing is known
â–¸ verb: charge with a function; charge to be
â–¸ verb: mention and identify by name
â–¸ verb: give the name or identifying characteristics of; refer to by name or some other identifying characteristic property
â–¸ verb: assign a specified, proper name to
â–¸ verb: create and charge with a task or function
â–¸ verb: determine or distinguish the nature of a problem or an illness through a diagnostic analysis
â–¸ verb: give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of
â–¸ verb: make reference to
â–¸ verb: identify as in botany or biology, for example
â–¸ verb: to give someone or something a name
â–¸ verb: to know and say what the name of someone or something is
â–¸ verb: to decide on and state something such as a date, time, place, or price
â–¸ verb: to choose someone for a particular job, position, or prize

"Like other Hebrew proper names, the name of God is more than a mere distinguishing title. It represents the Hebrew conception of the divine nature or character and of the relation of God to His people. The Name represents the attributes which He bears and which are revealed through His acts to His people. Any new manifestation of His interest or care gives rise to a new name. Even to make mention of Yahweh's Name is to assert confidence in His strength. The Lord said, "My Name is in him". God's Name excites certain emotions. The forty-two letter Name of God is Azilut or "Animation". The Cabbalists added the forty-five letter Name which is equivalent in value to the sentence referring to Yahweh, "What is His Name", found in Proverbs 30:4. The numerical value of the letters is counted. A combination of God's seventy-two-letter Name appears in the Urim and Thummim, consisting of the names of the twelve Patriarchs and the twelve Tribes of Israel. When the Urim and Thummim were consulted in regard to any matter, the divine Name lit up the letters which were brought into relief or into such a combination as to make the answer to the question asked intelligible. Creation is said to have occurred by the manipulation of the sacred letters forming the divine Names." Cayce (2067-012) F, Pg 16

8. For the visions, the experiences, the names, the churches, the places, the dragons, the cities, all are but emblems of those forces that may war within the individual in its journey through the material, or from the entering into the material manifestation to the entering into the glory, or the awakening in the spirit, in the inter-between, in the borderland, in the shadow. Cayce (281-16) see Revelation

"..for ye that name the name of the Son have access to the Father of Light!" Cayce (281-21)

"Ye, too, oft doubt; ye, too, oft fear. Yet He is surely with thee. And when ye at this glad season rededicate thy life, thy body, thy mind to His service, ye - too - may know, as they, that He lives - and is at the right hand of God to make intercession for you - if ye will believe; if ye will believe that He is, ye may experience. For as many as have named the name, and that do unto their brethren the deeds that bring to them (to you) that closeness, oneness of purpose with Him, may know - ye, too - in body, in mind, that He lives today, and will come and receive you unto Himself, that where He is there ye may be also." Cayce (5749-6)

35. (Q) Are we correct in interpreting the 144,000 who were sealed as being spiritualized cellular structure of the 12 major divisions of the body?
(A) Correct. And this is as of a man, and the name of same. Cayce (281-29)

12. (Q) Please explain what was meant in Reading of Oct. 28, regarding the "relative" connection of Name in the Lord's Prayer with the Pineal gland?
(A) This might occupy a whole period of several hours, if the full conclusion were to be given; but each must reach this. There is a Name to each soul. For He hath called His own BY NAME! What name? All the names that may have been as a material experience through an earthly sojourn, or all the names that may have been through the experience of an entity in that environ or those relative associations of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Sun, Moon, or what! Or a Name that is above EVERY name!

Then as has been indicated this becomes relative, as is signified in the indication as given to the number, which is of John's own. But as has been given, every influence - you see - is RELATIVE! Hence the name is relative to that which IS accomplished by the soul IN its sojourn throughout its whole experience; whether in those environs about this individual sphere or another - this individual sphere meaning thine own sun, thine own planets with all of their attributes (Does an earth mind comprehend such?) and it carried through with what is its RELATIVE force to that which has been or is the activity of the entity-soul (not a body now at all!) toward Constructive Force or God, or God's infinite force to that integral activity of the soul in its sojourn. Hence it becomes RELATIVE. And for the finite mind to say Jane, John, Joe, James or Jude would mean only as the VIBRATIONS of those bring the RELATIVE force or influence to which, through which an entity's sojourns have brought the concrete experience in any one given or definite period of activity!

Was one named John by chance? Was one named Joe or Llewellyn by chance? No; they are relative! While it may be truly in the material plane relative because you have a rich aunt by that name, or relative because an uncle might be named that - but these carry then the vibrations of same; and in the end the name is the sum total of what the soul-entity in all of its vibratory forces has borne toward the Creative Force itself.

Hence each soul has a definite influence upon the experiences through which it may be passing. This ye have illustrated in thine own secret organizations, in thy papal activities in the religious associations, and in each vibration. For when ye have set a vibration by the activity of thy SOUL'S force, ye are then either in parallel, in direct accord, or in opposition to constructive force - whatever may be the position or activity of the soul in infinity. For ye ARE gods! But you are becoming devils or real gods!

13. (Q) What was meant in the Reading of Oct. 28, in connection with 144,000 who were sealed as being spiritualized cellular structure of the 12 major divisions of the body, when the Reading gave, "Correct, and this is as of a man, and the name of same." Please explain.
(A) Just as has been illustrated or given, as to the relative force of the vibratory forces of the individual; which is shown in an individual soul or entity by its name and its activity in all the influences or environs through which it passes in that which is a shadow in man (active, living) to those influences that are relative to the infinitive position of a soul's activity in a universe. Cayce (281-30)

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