"The subconscious mind is both consciousness and Thought or spirit -consciousness. Hence may be best classified, in the physical sense, as a habit." Cayce (266-10)

"In the consciousness of earthly or material forces there enters all the attributes of the physical, fleshy body. In the subconscious there enters the attributes of Soul forces, and of the conscious forces. In the superconscious there enters the subconscious forces, and spiritual discernment and development." Cayce (900-16)

"The study from the human standpoint, of subconscious, subliminal, psychic soul forces, is and should be the great study for the human family – for through self man will understand its Maker, when it understands its relation to its Maker. And it will only understand that through itself. And that understanding is the knowledge as is given here in this state." [Cayce 3744-4)]

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