1. Pertaining to the mind or psyche.
2. Sensitive to nonphysical (scalar) forces. [Blakiston's New Gould Medical Dictionary, The Blakiston Company, 1949; 1st edition.]

"A dynamo-electric machine is placed at any given spot; its object, being put in action, is to withdraw from the earth its neutral electricity, to decompose it into its two conditions and to collect, upon accumulators, the electricity thus separated. As soon as the accumulators are charged, the electricity is disposable; that is, our lamps can be lighted. But what is marvelous in all this is that the forces of nature can be transformed at will. Should we not wish for light, we turn a knob and we have sound, heat, motion, chemical action, magnetism. Little seems wanting to create intelligence, so entirely do these accumulated forces lend themselves to all the transformations which their engineer may imagine and desire. But let us consider how greatly superior is our cerebral mechanism. In order to light a theatre we require a wide space, a dynamo-electric machine of many horse-power, accumulators filling many receptacles, a considerable expense in fuel, and clever mechanicians. In the human organism these engines are in miniature, one decimeter cube is all the space occupied by our brain; no wheels, no pistons, nothing to drive the apparatus, we suffice ourselves. In this sense, each of us can say, like the philosopher Biaz:- Omnia mecum porto. Our cerebral organ not only originates motion, heat, sound, light, chemical actions, magnetism, but it produces psychic forces, such as will, reasoning, judgment, hatred, love, and the whole series of intellectual faculties. They are all derived from the same source, and are always identical to each other, so long as the cerebral apparatus remains intact. The variations of our health alone are capable of causing a variation in the intensity and quality of our productions.[Keely, Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

"The famous Keely motor, which has been hovering the horizon of success for a decade, is but an attempt to repeat in an engine of metal the play of forces which goes on at the inmost focus of life, the human will, or in the cosmic spaces occupied only by the ultimate atoms. The engineer with his mallet shooting the cannon-ball by means of a few light taps on a receiver of depolarized atoms of water is only re-enacting the role of the will when with subtle blows it sets the nerve aura in vibration, and this goes on multiplying in force and sweep of muscle until the ball is thrown from the hand with a power proportionate to the one-man machinery. The inventor Keely seeks a more effective machinery; a combination of thousands of will-forces in a single arm, as it were. But he keeps the same vibrating principle, and the power in both cases is psychical. That is, in its last analysis." - [George Perry, The Fountain Head of Force]

"Psychic means the expression to the material 'observable' world of the latent, or hidden (non-observable) sense of the soul or spirit forces, whether from behind, or in and through the material plane." Cayce (3744-1)

"Each one who has a soul has a psychic power -" Cayce (5392-1)

"No greater psychic lived than Jesus of Nazareth." Cayce (2630-1)

"The study from the human standpoint, of subconscious, subliminal, psychic soul forces, is and should be the great study for the human family – for through self man will understand its Maker, when it understands its relation to its Maker. And it will only understand that through itself. And that understanding is the knowledge as is given here in this state." [Cayce 3744-4)]

To be psychic simply means being aware beyond the usual range of the usual or ordinary physical five senses - a sixth sense of things non-observable. Seeing or knowing with the Mind as opposed to seeing with the five physical senses. Knowing without limitations or constraints of Time and Space. Psychic forces are scalar forces.

Psychic Sensitivity
"The region of prophetic visions, clairaudient voices, and predictive messages opens up a veritable pit of possible illusions to the mystic. He must beware of the sights and scenes, the self-glorifying revelations which may present themselves to the mind during meditation. He would be better employed chasing such phantasmagorias from the mind rather than seeking to attract them! The mystic must put a stern check upon his imagination if he wishes to pass safely through his apprenticeship. The last word is that the course of meditation may or may not be accompanied by these occult phenomena. Neither does their addition improve the value of the mystic experience nor does their non-existence lessen it. Where they are genuine and authentic communications from the Overself, their value lies rather in personal but transient satisfaction or in immediate but momentary help." [(16-12.43) Brunton]

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