Mind and Matter

"The separation between mind and matter is an abstraction. The source is always one." [David Bohm]

"The stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter... we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter."
"I incline to the idealistic theory that consciousness is fundamental, and that the material universe is derivative from consciousness, not consciousness from the material universe...
In general the universe seems to me to be nearer to a great thought than to a great machine. It may well be, it seems to me, that each individual consciousness ought to be compared to a brain-cell in a universal mind.
What remains is in any case very different from the full-blooded matter and the forbidding materialism of the Victorian scientist. His objective and material universe is proved to consist of little more than constructs of our own minds.

To this extent, then, modem physics has moved in the direction of philosophic idealism. Mind and matter, if not proved to be of similar nature, are at least found to be ingredients of one single system. There is no longer room for the kind of dualism which has haunted philosophy since the days of Descartes." [Sir James Hopwood Jeans (1877-1946), English physicist, astronomer and mathematician.]

"The activity of the corpuscles represents its outflow from the luminiferous track towards the molecular centers of neutrality, revealing the connecting link between mind and matter." [Keely, Dashed Against the Rock]

"As regards odor," continues Mr. Keely, "we can only get some definite idea of its extreme and wondrous tenuity by taking into consideration that a large area of atmosphere can be impregnated for a long series of years from a single grain of musk; which, if weighed after that long interval, will be found to be not appreciably diminished. The great paradox attending the flow of odorous particles is that they can be held under confinement in a glass vessel! Here is a substance of much high tenuity than the glass that holds it, and yet it cannot escape. It is as a sieve with its meshes large enough to pass marbles, and yet holding fine sand which cannot pass through; in fact, a molecular vessel holding an atomic substance. This is a problem that would confound those who stop to recognize it. But infinitely tenuous as odor is, it holds a very crude relation to the substance of subdivision that governs a magnetic flow (a flow of sympathy, if you please to call it so). This subdivision comes next to sound, but is above sound. The action of the flow of a magnet coincides somewhat to the receiving and distributing portion of the human brain, giving off at all times a depreciating ratio of the amount received. It is a grand illustration of the control of mind over matter, which gradually depreciates the physical til dissolution takes place. The magnet on the same ratio gradually loses its power and becomes inert. If the relations that exist between mind and matter could be equated, and so held, we would live on in our physical state eternally, as there would be no physical depreciation. But this physical depreciation leads, at its terminus, to the source of a much higher development - viz., the liberation of the pure ether from the crude molecular; which in my estimation is to be much desired. Thus God moves in a simple way His wonders to perform. . . . [More Science]

"If matter without form preceded creation of energy, it was only when life was given that the atoms became grouped in individualities through their intrinsic properties. The hypothesis of Macvicar and demonstrations of Keely pivot on the law of assimilation "providing at once for the free and the forced ... for mind and matter, and placing them ... in relationship." This law is summarized as "Every individualized object ... assimilates itself to itself in successive moments of its existence and all objects tend to assimilate one another." In its own nature, matter is wholly plastic or devoid of fixed innate properties wholly assimilative - both with respect to its own portions and to surrounding objects, as well as its position in space and insofar as it is capable, to the mind of its Creator. In the ether are constructed groups of ethereal elements generating material elements." [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 2]

"Taking the law of assimilation as the cosmical law, together with self-manifesting power as the characteristic of being, we reach a primary classification of created objects, which corresponds with that which is known as mind and matter - or rather let us say mind and that which is not mind; for there is ground for the apprehension that mind and matter do not include all that exists; and that, along with matter, ether ought to be considered as something intimately related to matter indeed, but yet not just matter. When the elements of the ethereal medium are regarded as truly and simply material however small and light they may be, the elasticity and pressure which must be assigned to that medium in order to admit of the velocity of light, are altogether out of the harmony of things; and wholly incredible, especially when confronted with the phenomena and the theory of astronomy. Thus, to justify the velocity of light on the same principles as those of sound, in various material media, the ethereal pressure must be 122,400,000,000 times greater than that of the atmosphere - which is incredible, says Macvicar." [Law of Assimilation]

Mind Force is a pre-existing Natural Force

Mind Force

A common concept and thread connecting Keely, Russell, Cayce and Quimby is Matter is solidified tenuous Mind substance. Russell called it "frozen Light". Mind stuff or substance is a range of energy densities as shown in the Etheric Element table. In other words, Mind is a form of tenuous matter (gas, plasma or ether) that can be

So when Keely says "All force is Mind Force" and then he harnessed this primal Mind Force in his machines we should investigate it further. This concept has been extensively written about by Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, Quimby, Hubbard, Reich and countless others of equal note. [See Keelys Accomplishments, Mind Force the hidden Scalar Force, Natural Forces]

The mind force herein referenced above is sometimes called "Thinking with the Heart" or Whole Mind [See Universal Ground State]. This is not the split mind of the ego or intellect which invariably leads one astray or into error.

Quarks play an important and foundation role in electrical and chemical processes (chemism). This is vital to SVP because Mind Substance has to have chemical properties else how would (chemical or molecular) drugs effect physiology, consciousness equilibrium and diverse psi phenomena? Quarks also having a fundamental role in electrical phenomena tells us electrons are not all there is to consider in electricity (see Daniel Pomerleau). It is assumed then quarks and gluons are a part or portion of the interetheric (celestial) streams so often referred to by Keely which is the media or conveyor of Mind Force (etheric substances) demonstrated by so many exceptional people: Mind Force is a pre-existing Natural Force. It is further presumed the endocrine system operates on the quark and photon subdivisions of Mind Substance which would account for psi phenomena.

This revolutionary idea is explained by the fact that atoms (Keely's atomic subdivision) are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons - (Keely's interatomic subdivision). These three are composed of photons - (Keely's etheric subdivision). Photons are composed of quarks - (Keely's interetheric subdivision). Therefore quarks and gluons are the first level of differentiation of Undifferentiated Mind Force or Keely's compound interetheric subdivision of Mind and Force. This interetheric level of Mind and Matter is where thought, intuition, telepathy, remote viewing and clairvoyance happens. These unseen forces are the non-observable scalar forces that originate observable Newtonian effects. This matrix of matter and energy shows how our consciousness is integral to everything that is and happens around us. [See Subdivision]

compound interetheric CI Mind Awareness
interetheric E+CI quark thought, idea 1910- Radionics, Free Energy Devices
etheric E photon light 1947 1st Laser
etheric E photon light 1880 Edison Light Bulb
interatomic A+E electron electricity 1882 AC Power
interatomic A+E electron electricity 1800 1st battery
interatomic A+E electron Heat 1800 steam power
atomic A atoms purified elements alchemy nascent chemistry
intermolecular M+A supercritical fluid refined alloys Iron, Bronze Age tools, weapons
molecular M molecule alloys Stone Age Stone, Wood

This table coordinates with the Etheric Elements table.

The progression of humanity can be seen in its discovery, development and use of knowledge paralleling these levels of Matter and Energy. Therefore human progress is a reflection of humanity's expansion or elevation of Mind, Awareness or Consciousness. These ages blend and overlap but as each is adapted into society leaps in development and use of tools and processes result in surges of general well being, commerce and societal expansions of science, philosophy and politics. As we can see from the above table humanity is on the cusp of another huge leap forward.

What this means in simple terms is while we use electrons to run our machinery and we are just now learning how to use photons in lasers and micro chips, Keely used photons, quarks and gluons (thought) to operate his machines over 100 years ago. He was a visionary of our age as were the early developers of interetherically operated radionic and psychotronic devices - not yet accepted into general science or society. Dale Pond, 03/21/10

"This thermodynamical characteristic of living processes generally, is carried over from other forms of variously living and extinct species and human cultures. This general principle of all living process presently known to us, is a general law. That law is definable as a condition of progress from lower to higher modes of thermodynamics of all forms of life, as the fruit of this same set of terms. The universe, most clearly the human species, depends for the survival of existing and improved species on increase of the relative "energy-flux density" in the flow of various expressions of progress and upward-directed evolution of living processes." Lyndon LaRouche, The Showdown has Begun

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Mind and Matter
from Quimby, The Complete Writings, Volume I

I often use the word mind as applied to matter and say mind is matter. This is true but then I also use the word mind and apply it to the senses or knowledge. There seems to be a contradiction. So it is, if not explained. I will try to explain it so that you can understand my meaning. Words are used to explain certain ideas that are admitted to exist and when some new idea comes up one must use the same words to explain it. So it is very hard for me to find words to explain my ideas, for they are new to the world. Now as the word mind is used to mean our senses, I have to make another word or I can't explain my ideas of matter. If I use the word soul, I don't give the true idea of soul to the people, as it is understood. So I have to take such words as are used and explain my ideas to my patients as best I can. In this way I can succeed in making my patients understand what I intend to convey to them.

So when I say mind is matter, I mean just what I say but when I use the word mind as applied to the senses, I use it in another sense than when applied to matter; for in the former sense it contains no matter but is the power that controls matter or mind. Therefore when I say my mind understands, I don't wish to be understood to say that matter understands, but the power that governs it. And when I say my mind is diseased, I do not mean my senses are diseased, but the matter or mind that the senses act upon. Here you see I use the word mind in two senses. This appears as though I did not understand the meaning of the word mind. I do understand its meaning, but I can't find any other word to explain my meaning. When the world is enlightened in regard to what mind and matter are, then they will see that mind is matter and can be used like any other matter or moulded into any shape or form (see Mind Force is a pre-existing Natural Force) by another power that is in man but not admitted, although known and associated with matter and takes the name of mind. Now then this power is separated it is call soul, but when it is in the body, it is call mind and as no one ever saw it, no one knows how it gets into matter nor how it gets out.

It is supposed at death to make a jump and assumes the word soul, but this is an opinion. So if the body is sick and the mind ever so much disturbed, the soul is ready to jump out when the mind or body is dead. The word is applied to the body because we often hear that another has lost his mind; when asked what his mind is, they say life, senses or knowledge. So you see the common belief destroys life, soul, mind, and body at death. If the meaning of words shows anything, it shows that the inventor of the same had not the least idea of any existence after death and if there is anything after death, it is not defined by any words giving that meaning. This may seem strange but it is true. Take the word life; it is defined, vitality, existence. You hear this expression that such a person is using up all his vitality or life and at last he dies; so that life is death and there is not a word in use to give the slightest idea of anything after what is called death. Now adopt my theory and you will see that it must take a different word to express my ideas. My ideas are that all the senses are life, not death, and their existence does not depend on a body for their identity, that we cannot teach anyone to see, taste, smell or know, but all their faculties are independent of matter and matter is the medium for their faculties to act upon.

This was Jesus' theory: that although they crucified the man, Jesus, the faculties still lived, and could take a body that could be seen. You may ask for proof of all this, I will give it. All subjects, when in a mesmeric state, retain their faculties and senses and are in all respects just as they are in their waking state, not as is generally supposed, under the control of the mesmerizer. Their mind is influenced by the mesmerizer, just the same as if he should use his power in the waking state. Each retains his own faculties, but one may lose control of himself, just as a person may become drugged or intoxicated. But it is a mistake to suppose the subject is at the mercy of the mesmerizer and has no will of himself. That is not the case, any more than a person in company with a very bad man is under his control. All persons have an influence over each other but some have more than others and this is as it should be. But a tree is known by its fruits: If a person is known to be bad, no one is safe in his company, if the company are ignorant of his character. So it is with the mesmerizer. His character is to be the standard of his power, for zeal is more powerful than imperfect knowledge. If a man is vicious, he can, if he likes, have great control over his subjects or patients and if he is good he has the same influence. Public opinion has the same influence.

Therefore, all men are to themselves just what they think they are, but this to the world is no proof that they are what they should be. Now mesmerism proves this: that man as we see him is all that there is of him but the Scientific man that has examined into the senses finds that there is in the natural man a higher power or law called senses that can act independent." [Quimby, May 1860]

“To illustrate, I stand to this Science as the teacher or expounder of it, not as the Truth itself. So when the Truth says through me that all disease is in the mind, you want me to explain what it means. You ask the question because you do not understand what is meant by the mind. It is this: all opinion, belief, reason and everything that can be changed originating in man–all these are included in the word mind. Thought is a seed or an effect of this great ocean of mind. The word mind covers all man's reasoning as the word wood covers all vegetable substances. A chair is made of wood but it is an idea made out of wood. In the same way mind is the material and disease is a manufacture made of the material, but the wisdom that forms the idea is called something else. Here you see that mind embraces every part of man but his wisdom, and here is the distinction which the world makes only in a different sense. The world calls the parts mind and matter. I call them wisdom and matter.” [Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, The Relation of This Truth to the Sick, page 465]

P.E.A.R. Proposition
The PEAR Proposition Project - "Their research has shown that human consciousness can influence simple devices and acquire information by other than recognized sensory means." Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"Whilst this child-like 'faith' is very important to your well-being, those of you who are capable of moving onward on the spiritual path to perfection, must now reach a deeper level of true knowledge of the relation between mind and 'matter'. Without this foundation, people will continue to flounder in religious myths and will be locked into the misery of the human condition." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 3, page 65]

Mary Baker Eddy
“The new tongue” is the spiritual meaning as opposed to the material. It is the language of Soul instead of the senses; it translates matter into its original language, which is Mind, and gives the spiritual instead of the material signification." [Christian Healing, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 7:6–10)]

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