Dashed Against the Rock

"The time has now certainly come to unveil - to all who are in any way prepared to profit by such unveiling - the subtle operation of universal Force through the action of unchanging Law.

Dashed Against the Rocks
Dashed Against the Rock

"It is also decidedly a privilege as well as duty, devolving upon all who are somewhat acquainted with the facts of genuine SCIENCE to discriminate plainly and boldly between scientific teachings which are purely THEISTIC in their entire trend and socialistic bombast, which in the mouths of the conceited and ill-informed is made a pretext for denying the very being of Supreme Intelligence, and heaping ridicule upon all who sincerely trust in the immortality of man as a spiritual reality."

Originally published Boston: Colby and Rich, Publishers, 1894. Colville, a prolific writer, was a close friend and supporter of Keely's. He was also a Grand Master Mason and world-class psychic. This book contains Keely's original 40 Laws of Harmony and many other articles written by Keely on his work. This curious book is written as a romance novel yet it contains in depth references to Keely's work and quotes of his science. 8.5" X 11"

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From the book
Four Steps to Awakening
Keelys Forty Laws
Laws of Matter and Force
The Chord-Settings of Life
Ultimate Constitution of Matter and Action of Force Regulating its Phenomena

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