Four Steps to Awakening


Four Steps to Awakening
by John W. Keely
[from Dashed Against the Rock, The Amplitude of Force]

"You who exist to-day, to-morrow would exist no longer in your present personalities did you but dare to yield to these higher harmonies. I say YIELD because it is a yielding process [letting go] for this personality. In a moment your outer life would end, and you, the warrior, would enter peace.

"The immortal ego (Higher Self) is an entity of which man can become thoroughly conscious while here on earth, but to arrive at this consciousness necessitates the entire abandonment of all the petty considerations involved in the transient and subordinate EGO, which is the only self of which the unenlightened man is conscious.

  • 1) Let him who desires to reach this inner consciousness enter his inner sanctuary, wherever that sanctuary may be; it matters not whether it be his own chamber, the open field, the mountain top, the seashore, the stately cathedral, or the humble village chapel.
  • 2) Let him realize fully the transient character of his own personality and contrast therewith his eager longing to know the immortal.
  • 3) Let him concentrate his whole consciousness upon his personality, fully arousing all his personal conditions as a distinct individual; then with all the aspiration of which this personality is capable,
  • 4) let him beseech of the immortal EGO - which is eternal and does not incarnate, but overshadows all incarnations, waiting until one is formed capable of illumination, to whom it may reveal itself - to consider him worthy of illumination, and according to his preparedness to receive illumination will it then be granted.

"He who asks this, knows not what he asks; for were the prayer answered, life henceforth for such an one would be a weary round, as Hamlet says: "to-morrow and to-morrow and to-morrow brings in this weary round of life"; for, having seen the glory of this immortal EGO, all else seems so base, so commonplace and mean, so inglorious, that oftentimes the personality has utterly collapsed when thrown back from the radiant vision of this glorious immortal entity possessed by all alike, though scarcely dreamed of by any save the very few who, discontented with the ignorance and emptiness of terrene existence, aspire to know the great reality of the supernal. As the incarnations of every entity, passing through certain orders of experience through numerous lives, inevitably culminate in this moment of conscious realization of the immortal entity; the Buddha says: "All shall reach the sunlit snows." Keely, Dashed Against the Rock


Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
'How shall we enter the Kingdom?' 'I have already told you. You enter the Kingdom of Heaven when you repent of all that you are in your heart and mind. When you take your evil to the 'Father' and ask forgiveness and pray for the strength to be cleansed of your evil thoughts, words and deeds, and you finally get rid of them, then you may be sure that you are about to find the Kingdom of Heaven. When you have accomplished this, you will find that your attitudes towards others are changing, for the 'Father' will be doing Its Love Work within you. You will be free of the chains and thongs of evil desires and deeds which previously bound you and made you a captive in the world. More than this, you will find that the 'Father' does satisfy your every need.' [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth - Christ Letters - Letter 3, page 7]

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