Awakening and Free Energy

by Dale Pond 02/04/2005

Q: Dale, what you are speaking of sounds very much like a "return to Eden" quest. While I am not a Bible quoting fanatic, it would seem that the human race has been proscribed with a flaw - some would call evil - which makes unconditional love the unattainable goal.

A: In a strange sort of way you are correct. Unconditional Love is unattainable but it is not un-experiencable. One cannot attain Love because it is not something other than what we already are. Love is something to remember and be - instead of being that which one 'thinks' or 'believes" they currently are.

Evil is not something people are victim. Evil is something people think and do. Do not think it and do not do it and evil does not exist. Therefore so-called evil is an effect of belief - therefore it does not exist other than in people's minds/beliefs. Everyone has the potential of total and complete control over their own thinking - if we were only taught about our own minds and what we can do with it. Sadly we are all taught we are victims of some nonexistent force outside of ourselves - which is in a strange sort of way - evil in itself.

Q: Whether the achievement of free energy will solve that problem, or make it worse is a matter of conjecture.

A: Free Energy does not create Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love creates or opens the way for the creation of Free Energy. "Only those who transmute the lead of Fear into the gold of Love will be allowed access to Free Energy." [Jesus via Dawn Stranges, Atlin Project]

Q: However it may remove some of the obstacles in its way. Energy, and the control of energy, are the new world riches and third world countries are usually as such because they are energy deficient. It seems like the familiar chicken and egg problem.

A: As individuals of the world awaken new energy sources will be discovered and distributed and not before. We could say Awakening is the goose that lays the golden eggs of Free Energy .... [Dale Pond, 02/04/2005]

"“Now this Christ (Consciousness) is in this element of love or sympathy that contains no error but is pure love that will wash away all error that chances to get into it. It knows no evil, it sees no wrong, and in itself it is perfect harmony and attraction. It contains our senses. So it is, as it were, our life and all that is good and harmonious. It seeks the wisdom of this world of error as a person seeks gold to purify the gold from the dross. Its happiness is the developing of God's love or science. It analyzes all misery and trouble to liberate the soul that is bound in this world of error.” [Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, Spiritual Interpretation]

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