Keely - Electricity from Space

Was Keely the first to draw electricity from space or vacuum in 1893?

"Nikola Tesla, for reasons that need not be explained, would not have been able to serve on the committee. It is well known that he is striving to draw power from space by purely scientific methods, which Keely succeeded in doing in 1893 by "unscientific methods." [Bloomfield-Moore in Dogmatism of Science]

"The series of experiments, daily for one week, that I am now preparing to give before an expert committee, for the purpose of enabling this committee to make a public announcement of the scientific and commercial value of my system of sympathetic vibratory physics, comprises:

First. - Operation of the polar circuit, drawing power from space, and showing control of various degrees of velocity.

Second. - Sensitization of a polar disk, after having had its complete neutrality to magnetism tested.

Third. - After associating it with the polar test-medium, heavily weighting it to demonstrate its attractive power; the weight remaining suspended to it by this power.(7)

Fourth. - Transmitter connected to the test-medium, while the disk is carrying the weight. Negative vibration transferred; effecting complete dissociation; the disk and weights dropping to the floor.

Fifth. - Rotation of compass needle, on a set of resonators, subservient to any one of the resonators, in defiance of its attraction to the north. Variations given; changing its subservience to different resonators, as the introductory impulse is changed.(8)

Sixth. - Mediums, representing the chords of different masses of metal, made to float in a tall jar of water, with extraordinary changes of position.

Seventh. - Operations of a sensitized globe, by sound.

Eighth. - Operations of the globe under the influence of the improved polar sympathetic transmitter.

Ninth. - Disintegration of water by triple vibration,(9) showing progressive degrees of energy (from molecular to interatomic, etc., etc.) on different rates of transfer." [The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit]

"Until the vibratory circuit, operated by this costless current of force drawn direct from space, is connected with some patentable device, Keely's discovery has no more commercial value than Newton's discovery of gravity." [Dogmatism of Science]

"First, that Mr. Keely is no longer dealing with a power arising from gaseous pressure; and, second, that he has made this power capable of producing rotation, levitation, and other effects of mechanical energy. What he claims, in regard to the source of his new system of power, is that he is able to draw vibratory energy directly from space by the aid of special resonating expedients, and that this energy can be made to yield powerful attractive and repulsive force and be converted into vigorous rotary motion through the use of certain apparatus. The power obtained, he asserts, is duplex, or has two opposed conditions, like the positive and negative states of electricity. Mr. Keely denominates these conditions positive and negative, though with the reservation that these terms do not imply excess and deficiency, but simply opposite conditions of energy. He is able, he declares, to disturb the equilibrium of these opposed states of vibratory activity as they exist in the elements of nature, to draw them separately into his apparatus, and to produce mechanical motion as a result of the effort of nature to restore the disturbed equilibrium." [Apergy - Power Without Cost, October, 1895]

"Now I can only say that Mr. Sammuels has given up electricity and is going to study Keely's system under Keely's instruction, thoroughly convinced after witnessing the operation of drawing force from space, the action of the test mediums and the levitation and suspension of the weights in the jar." [Letter from Bloomfield-Moore to Cornelia, September, 1895]

"I am devoting all my time and energy to perfect this new system, in which a polar negative disk run by sympathetic polar attraction, will produce electric current. Its construction will be almost as simple as that of a typewriter and dynamos will become a thing of the past." [MAGNETIC ENGINE - Snell]

"Through this system the dynamo will eventually become a thing of the past, and electric lighting will be conducted by a polar negative disc run by a vibratory circuit of sympathetic polar attraction, "drawn direct from space," which Keely has harnessed for commercial use after more than twenty years of maligned and persistent effort such as the world has never known." [Newton of the Mind, 1895]

"Operation of the polar circuit, drawing power from space, and showing control of various degrees of velocity." [The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit, 1891?]

"The flow of electricity, as set down in Keely's system, is governed by triple conditions: 1st. the dominant or high vibratory; 2nd. the subdominant or low vibratory; 3rd. the harmonic or undulatory; In combination one flow, Keely writes:- "When electrical experts can construct a mechanical device whereby the low vibratory conditions of the subdominant can be assimilated to the harmonic undulatory, by thirds, they will be able to run their dynamos without any extraneous appliances. An introductory impulse, on a certain order of vibration, being all that would be required to give the subdominant a concordant relation to the dominant; which would more effectually operate the dynamo than any number of steam-engines; allowing the harmonic stream to be the governor. This concordance, as towards the dominant, would only excite its sympathetic action in a way that would divert the ruling conditions of the two, without being submitted to the destructive effects of the dominant current. I think many lives will be lost before such a position is attained. Tesla has reached out almost to the crest of the harmonic wave, leaving all electrical explorers far behind him. It is only when such a condition is reached that the true value of electrical lighting will be understood, and extraneous power dispensed with; but, in my opinion, the present conditions for transferring power will remain unaltered, in the use of electricity, for generations." [Appendix II]

"Assimilate the low vibratory sub-dominant (2nd) to the harmonic undulatory (3rd), by thirds, will produce power with the Polar stream; an introductory impulse would bring the sub-dominant (2nd) into a concordant relation with the dominant (1st)." [Keely and His Discoveries, pg 368]

"Electricity is the result of three differentiated sympathetic flows, combining the celestial and terrestrial flows by an order of assimilation negatively attractive in its character. It is one of Nature's efforts to restore attractive differentiation. In analyzing this triple union in its vibratory philosophy, I find the highest order of perfection in this assimilative action of Nature. The whole condition is atomic, and is the introductory one which has an affinity for terrestrial centers, uniting magnetically with the polar stream; in other words, uniting with the polar stream by neutral affinity. The magnetic or electric forces of the earth are thus kept in stable equilibrium by this triune force, and the chords of this force may be expressed as 1st, the dominant, 2nd, the harmonic, and 3rd, the enharmonic. The value of each is, one to the other, in the rates of figures, true thirds. E flat- transmissive chord or dominant; A flat- harmonic; A double flat- enharmonic. The unition of the two prime thirds is so rapid, when the negative and the positive conditions reach a certain range of vibratory motion, as to be compared to an explosion. During this action the positive electric stream is liberated and immediately seeks its neutral terrestrial center, or center of highest attraction." [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

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