"The series of experiments, daily for one week, that I am now preparing to give before an expert committee, for the purpose of enabling this committee to make a public announcement of the scientific and commercial value of my system of sympathetic vibratory physics, comprises:

First. - Operation of the polar circuit, drawing power from space, and showing control of various degrees of velocity.

Second. - Sensitization of a polar disk, after having had its complete neutrality to magnetism tested.

Third. - After associating it with the polar test-medium, heavily weighting it to demonstrate its attractive power; the weight remaining suspended to it by this power.(7)

Fourth. - Transmitter connected to the test-medium, while the disk is carrying the weight. Negative vibration transferred; effecting complete dissociation; the disk and weights dropping to the floor.

Fifth. - Rotation of compass needle, on a set of resonators, subservient to any one of the resonators, in defiance of its attraction to the north. Variations given; changing its subservience to different resonators, as the introductory impulse is changed.(8)

Sixth. - Mediums, representing the chords of different masses of metal, made to float in a tall jar of water, with extraordinary changes of position.

Seventh. - Operations of a sensitized globe, by sound.

Eighth. - Operations of the globe under the influence of the improved polar sympathetic transmitter.

Ninth. - Disintegration of water by triple vibration,(9) showing progressive degrees of energy (from molecular to interatomic, etc., etc.) on different rates of transfer." [The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit]

Center of Attraction or maximum Opposition. The 4++ point of every wave. Opposite pole to South. [see Neutral Center]

"North is the electro-positive plus direction of the more..." [Russell, The Universal One, page 150]

"North is the direction of the generative action of displacement." [Russell, The Universal One, page 184]

"The forward swing toward the "plus" is always in the direction of north by the way of east and the backward swing is always south by the way of west." [Russell - The Universal One; Book 02 - Chapter 08 - The Universal Pulse - All Motion is Oscillatory]

"The accumulated electric potential continues spirally north by way of east in the electric stream to the planet's center, and the disintegration emanations continue south by way of west, in the magnetic stream of the earth's ecliptic." [Russell - The Universal One; Book 02 - Chapter 12 - Gravitation and Radiation]

[13] See description of the north-south and west-east orientation of pipes on p. 175 of Nature as Teacher, Vol. II and in "Increase In Soil Productivity", in The Fertile Earth, Vol. III of the Ecotechnology series. — Ed. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Liquefaction of Coal by Means of Cold Flows]

Job says concerning the planet on which we live, the earth-
"He stretcheth out the north over empty space;
He hangeth the earth upon nothing." - Job xxvi. 7. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 82]

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