Tesla - Electricity from Space

"Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of any coal, oil, gas or any other of the common fuels.” [Nikola Tesla]

"Nikola Tesla, for reasons that need not be explained, would not have been able to serve on the committee. It is well known that he is striving to draw power from space by purely scientific methods, which Keely succeeded in doing in 1893 by "unscientific methods." An earnest effort has been put forth to induce this distinguished man of genius to acquaint himself with Keely's system of aerial navigation, in order that he may more quickly attain one of the goals he is aiming to reach - that of producing light devoid of heat.

"It is now a number of years since Mr. Nikola Tesla crossed the border line of the circle in which all other electricians are working, on their treadmill round, but he still remains in the interatomic field of research, apparently unmindful of the triple conditions that govern electricity in the relation which it sustains, in that field, to the first order of the luminous.

"Nikola Tesla's great penetration may enable him eventually to attain his aims on orthodox lines of research; but, in the writer's opinion, were he to acquaint himself with Keely's system of resonance, it would be but a short time before he could induce electrical alternation of such an intense degree as to produce a light as susceptible to the retina as is solar light. Even should Nikola Tesla succeed in drawing power from space, on his own line of research, his position would still be remote from all the conditions governing magnetic and electric phenomena in the sympathetic field, where Keely has solved the problem of navigation of the air. Keely calls this realm the interetheric or celestial, in contradistinction to the terrestrial or interatomic realm, which Nikola Tesla is researching. The terrestrial sympathetic forces are subservient to the celestial sympathetic. Nikola Tesla stands as it were on the bridge which connects the primary two-thirds of the electric stream - the subdominant current with the dominant. Even should he hook on to the dominant, he would still be subserved to the terrestrial neutral; far in the rear of sympathetic union to radiating celestial outreach, the connecting link of which exists in the interluminous, and remote from all the conditions that govern electricity sympathetically. Therefore Nikola Tesla is wrong when he says that "electric phenomena and ether phenomena are identical;" nor will he arrive at a true conclusion, as to the relation or association of the two, until he has brought about an alternation of that intensity which induces light visible to the eye. Even then he will not have reached the compound interetheric - the border line to the introductory luminous.

"It is evident that Nikola Tesla already comprehends the law governing transmission and dissociation in electrical alternation with regard to its reception by the physical organism, whereby an increase of the number of volts that prove fatal to life are harmless, and given without any risk to the subject. The ear is not susceptible to the vibrations of inaudible sounds; nor the eye to those of light beyond the number necessary for sight. A wheel having five spokes and making ten revolutions per minute gives fifty alternations on the spokes, which are readily counted by the eye; whereas an increase in the revolutions, to five hundred in ten minutes, increases the alternations of the spokes beyond the power of the retina to receive and count.

"It is the same with electrical alternation in regard to its receptiveness by the physical organism. Phenomenal as it may seem to those ignorant of the fact, this is a standard truth in sympathetic physics, which Nikola Tesla's penetration did not fail to discover. The plane of research that he occupies in regard to electrical phenomena, is as much above that of his fellow electricians as is the plane occupied by Keely (in researching the problem of aerial navigation) beyond the realm in which those inventors are working, who are constructing balloons and flying machines on various principles, while still ignorant of a force in nature that is antagonistic to gravity and overcomes it; thus making navigation of the air, with ships of thousand of tons burthen, both possible and perfectly safe.

"Electricians will no longer remain captive in their domain when Keely's system is published to the world; as it will be when he has effected the settlement that he seeks. If this settlement is not effected, without the delay of litigations his secrets will die with him, in all probability, for no one but himself knows the process by which dead metal is sensitized so as to be operated upon, as the brain is operated upon by celestial radiation.

"Were Nikola Tesla and Edison brought to a proper appreciation of Keely's methods, were they to make themselves acquainted with his system of sympathetic physics, what might not be expected of them in view of their brilliant achievements on a lower plane of research? The march of science would then be a triumphal one indeed." [CJBM, Dogmatism of Science]

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