13.10 - Rotation Quotes from Keely and His Discoveries

See sections 1.5 - Fractal Structure of Matter - 1.21 - It Really Is a Musical Universe for greater detail on Keely's Triplet Morphology.

" ..vortex action is induced by differential conflict between the low and high tensions.." Keely

"Question asked in Clerk Maxwell's memoirs: "Under what form, right, or light, can an atom be imagined?" Keely replies, "It eludes the grasp of the imagination, for it is the introductory step to a conception of the eternity of the duration of matter. The magnitude of the molecule, as compared to the interatom, is about on the same ratio as a billiard ball to a grain of sand; the billiard ball being the domain wherein the triple inter-molecules rotate, the inter-molecules again being the field wherein the atomic triplets sympathetically act, and again progressively, in the interatomic field, the first order of the etheric triplets begins to show its sympathetic inreach for the centres of neutral focalization. It is impossible for the imagination to grasp such a position. Interatomic subdivision comes under the order of the fifth dimensional space in etheric condensation. Atoms and corpuscules can be represented by degrees of progressive tenuity, as according to progressive subdivision, but to imagine the ultimate position of the atomic alone would be like trying to take a measurement of immeasurable space. We often speak of the borders of infinite. No matter what the Outreach may be, nor how minute the corpuscular subdivision, we still remain on the borders, looking over the far beyond, as one on the shore of a boundless ocean who seeks to cross it with his gaze. Therefore, philosophically speaking, as the atom belongs to the infinite and the imagination to the finite, it can never be comprehended in any form or light, nor by any right; for in the range of the imagination it is as a bridge of mist which can never be crossed by any condition that is associated with a visible molecular mass, that is, by mind as associated with crude matter." [Keely and His Discoveries]

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