"Molecular triple" or Triplet. Is of the second subdivision of matter and energy.

The molecule itself is a world ruled by the same sympathetic forces that govern the planets of our solar system. Its three component intermolecules, each like a small sphere, oscillate within its shell-like etheric envelope with a frequency of 20,000 per second, and the molecular etheric capsule rotates about them with inconceivable velocity. Within the molecule no intermolecule ever comes in contact with even its nearest attendant. Each is held by its gravital neutral center within its proper sphere of action. Molecular dissociation by intermittent vibration does not disturb in the next higher, the atomic subdivision, the fixed neutral center of the atomic triplets. Centripetal and centrifugal forces rule the orbits and revolutions of the components of the molecule in the same manner as interplanetary forces of the same type rule the elements of the solar system. [Snell Manuscript - the book]

"Each intermolecule is surrounded by its rotating etheric capsule, within which the "atomic triplets" composing it, vibrate with the fundamental mode of the enharmonic - the diminished seventh of the mass chord. The constituent atomic triplets rotate with a mass action similar to that governing the molecule and intermolecule, differing only in having a higher oscillating frequency. The intermolecular field is called in current physical and chemical terminology "atoms" that is, dissociated, uncombined, elementary substances which so far have defied their attempts at further dissociation and analysis." Snell Manuscript [see also INTERMOLECULAR SECOND SUBDIVISION]

"When a chord is transmitted through a sectional transmitting wire, the "molecular triple" (intermolecule) is carried along sympathetically by the induced differentiation and in turn excites high affinity with the "polar terrestrial stream." This "polar terrestrial" is triune in character and requires a triune sympathizer, which is satisfied by the structure of the Trexar the differentiated sectional wire of silver, gold and platinum." [VIBRATORY MULTIPLICATION]

"When an introductory transmissive sympathetic chord (say B flat) is conducted along a sectional transmitting wire the molecular triple (intermolecule) is carried along by induced differentiation and it in turn excites high sympathy with the polar terrestrial stream which, being triune in character, requires a triune differential sympathizer of the same ratio of frequency. This is satisfied by the Trexar, consisting of sections of silver the harmonic, gold the enharmonic and platinum the dominant. When the Trexar is properly sensitized by any chord on the dominant, molecular differentiation is induced, the phenomena approaching magnetism in effect, but without a trace of true magnetism being present." [Keely See Cohesion]

On the enharmonic sixths, the vibration of the intermolecule is increased to 300,000,000. [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

"On the diatonic ninths, atomic vibration reaches 900,000,000; on the etheric sixths, 8,100,000,000 and on the interetheric ninths, 24,300,000,000 all of which can be demonstrated by sound colors." [KEELYS SECRETS - 1888]

"No process of mathematics can comprehend or measure such minuteness, for it transcends both logic and computation. Molecules, intermolecules, atoms, interatoms, etherons, interetherons, can be represented by progressive degrees of tenuity, although the degree of tenuity of the latter four is such as we cannot comprehend because we have not and cannot sense them, but the neutral center, with its marvelous properties, its infinite power, is as incomprehensible to our minds as the aggregate power, mass and extension of the objective Universe." [Snell Manuscript]

"Were our sight able to penetrate the interstitial spaces that exist inside the orbits of the oscillating intermolecules and analyze the conditions in those interstitial spaces, where dwells incalculable latent energy, we would be bewildered with amazement. And assuming our vision, which is limited by persistency, could follow the intermolecules in their rapid oscillations and the intermolecular etheric capsule as it revolves with infinite velocity like a transparent shell about the three component atoms that exist inside it, which in turn revolve in their orbits and oscillate with even a higher frequency than the intermolecules, we would still be only on the border gazing into the remote depths of the interstitial realms that stretch far down into the interatomic, etheric and interetheric subdivisions, and, within the interetheric subdivision at last arrive at the neutral center, the nucleus of everything we know as substance. This neutral center bears about the same relation to the etheric subdivision that the atomic subdivision bears to the crude molecular, in other words, its texture is as much finer than electrons as electrons are finer than coarse molecules." [INTERSTITIAL SPACES]

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