Keely does not give an analysis of the structure of the etheric, but from the fact that he was able to subdivide it through the same process of "triple subdivision" into "interetherons" we may assume that three interetherons, each with its etheric capsule whirling about it, existed within the envelope of the etheron, vibrating with an oscillatory frequency greater than any of the lower subdivisions.

The fundamental mode of vibration changes as we reach the fifth subdivision, to the dominant, the diatonic third of the mass chord, which controls the vibratory states of both etheron and interetheron. The awful might concealed in the depths of the etheric and interetheric subdivisions utterly transcends anything Science has ever known. Even the theoretical energy value of radium now accepted by Science, pales into insignificance in comparison to the energy value of an equal amount of water subdivided to the etheric or interetheric state.

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