Platinum (Pt) has some curious properties like the ability of a thin sheet of it to allow the passage of hydrogen gas and none other while heated red hot. It is the most ductile of metals allowing it to be drawn into fine wires so thin a microscope is required to see them. A sponge made of this metal has a remarkable absorptive capacity for oxygen and will absorb 250 times its volume of that gas.

It is a well known property of platinum and its associated family of elements that they transform one chemical substance into another state or substance without substantially changing themselves. This is what a catalyst is - a "transmuter" or agent of change. It is believed that the platinum family was part of the Alchemists's "Philosopher's Stone" or that most valuable substance which "changes other substances but itself remains unchanged". Platinum and its family members are used extensively in dehydrogenation and aromatization industrial processes.16 All six noble metals, palladium (Maxted and Ismail, 1964; Tayim and Bailar, 1967), platinum (Cramer et al., 1963; Davis et al., 1963), rhodium (Vaska and Rhodes ,1965; Young et al., 1965; James and Rempel, 1966; Mague and Wilkinson, 1966; Osborn et al., 1966; Jardine et al., 1967; Montelatici et al., 1968; O'Connor and Wilkinson, 1968, 1969; Chevallier et al., 1969; Piers and Cheng, 1969; Shapley et al., 1969; Lehman et al., 1970; Dewhirst, 1970; Abbey et al., 1971; Masters et al., 1971), ruthenium (Halpern et al., 1961; Harrod et al., 1961; Halpern, 1965; Jardine and McQuillin, 1968; Hui and James, 1969; Ogata et al., 1970; Khan et al., 1971), iridium (Haddad et al., 1964; Eberhardt and Vaska, 1967; Yamaguchi, 1967; Bradley and Fraser, 1969; Guistiniani et al., 1969; Jardine et al., 1969; van Gaal et al., 1970; White et al., 1971), and osmium (Vaska, 1965; Fotis and McCullom, 1967; Dewhirst, 1969) make active catalysts and these have appeared already in great variety. In fact the platinum family of elements is well known to have these properties and has been and is used very extensively throughout the chemical industry.

Hydrogenation and dehydrogenation are important chemical and biological processes. Hydrogenation is exothermic and proceeds at a negligible rate in the absence of a catalysts, even at elevated temperatures. The uncatalyzed reaction must have, therefore, a very large energy of activation. The function of the catalyst is to lower the energy of activation so that the reaction can proceed rapidly at room temperature. The catalyst does not, of course, affect the net energy change of the overall reaction; it simply lowers the energy hill between the reactants and products. A catalyst lowers the energy of activation by permitting the reaction to take place in a different way, that is, by a different mechanism. In this case, the reactants are absorbed on the enormous surface area of the finely divided metal (as in a colloid), where reaction actually occurs. Lowering the energy hill decreases the energy of activation of the reverse reaction as well and thus increases the rate of dehydrogenation.17

Primary alcohols in the presence of oxygen and a noble metal catalyst can be converted to aldehydes or acids and secondary alcohols afford ketones.17 Furthermore it is just as simple to prepare artificial alkanes and then convert them to alkenes or alkenes back into alkanes or convert unsaturated esters into saturated ester.16

Catalytic oxidation of carbohydrates over platinum metals has proven to be a very powerful tool for controlled transformations of these substances. The oxidations are characterized by extremely high selectivity which has been likened to that obtained in natural processes. Selective oxidations of mono- and oligo-saccharides with platinum catalysts and air have led to efficient preparations of uroinic acids, aminouronic acids, uronosides, aldonic acids, and intermediates in ascorbic acid synthesis (Heyns, 1970).17 Palladium is one of the most active catalysts for oxidation of hydrocarbons (Moro-oka et al., 1969). Not only these specific items but these noble metal catalysts play important functional roles in: carbonylation/decarbonylation; hydrosilylation; ammonolysis; alkylation/dealkylation; oxidation and deoxidation of olefins, aromatics, alcohols and acetylenes; acetoxylation; oligomerization of olefins and dienes; telomerization of dienes and many many other uses throughout the chemical industries.

Considering all the bio-chemically related functions of platinum, how is it that the human body can exist in a properly functional state without platinum being present? Its role as catalyst or transformer of chemical substances during which other energies play vital roles is absolutely vital in the bio-chemical processor we call our body. Small wonder when seemingly miraculous cures have been witnessed when this element was added to the system.

In The Precious Metal Review a publication put out by Johnson-Mathe, one of two platinum processors in the world, are numerous articles about the many uses of platinum and the other precious metals in health care. Most of these articles deal with cancer treatments. Currently Sys-Platinum (ammonia-platinum compounds) and Carbono-Platinum are standard in the medical industry used to treat testicular and ovarian cancers. Apparently platinum salts when properly introduced through the blood stream solulized in small enough micro-clusters (as in colloids) cause changes in the DNA. During diseased states of the body the RNA and DNA find it difficult to communicate because the DNA has been disturbed. The changes wrought by the platinum re-establish the integrity of the DNA so it can then properly communicate with the messenger RNA about problems elsewhere in the system.

What is being said here is this: Of the three metals gold, silver and platinum the latter is the Neutral or Dominant of the three. Symbolically this is seen in the triune association of Adam (Au), Eve (Ag) and God (Pt). We have already seen where the essence of gold is a positive or individualizing "˜force'. The silver is a negative or assimilating "˜force'. The element of platinum, when properly associated with the former two, will be that which governs or controls and changes them. In this scenario platinum acts as the fulcrum upon which the see-saw of male and female forces play themselves out as they each change their relative stance or position to each other. These ideas are not unlike the ancient Chinese ideas of chi energy flows streaming throughout the anatomy and always in pairs of yin/yang or female/male polarizations or phases of each type of chi and there are several types coursing throughout the body. The platinum would fulfill a role of harmonizer of these two polarities.

He has again reduced in size the instrument producing the force. From 1882 to 1884 the "Generator" was six feet long and corresponding wide and high, but failing to make the arrangement automatic upon which its mechanical usefulness depended, Keely found a new standard for research in an experiment often made by himself, but never before successful, which resulted in invention in 1885 of the "Liberator" not so large as a lady's small round worktable. He made astonishing progress with this beautiful piece of vibratory mechanism, so as to combine the production of the power, operation of the cannon, his engine and his disintegrator in a machine no larger than a dinner plate and only three or four inches in thickness. This was completed in 1886, up to which time his experiments were upon the principle of sympathetic vibration, for liberating a vapory or etheric product. His later experiments were another modification of vibratory sympathy, and the size of the instrument used now, 1888, for the same purposes is no larger than an old fashioned silver watch. A pressure of 30,000 lbs. to the square inch in raising of the lever, and all other operations, without one ounce of pressure in any part of the apparatus, are effected by the ether. The force is transmitted along a wire of platinum and silver. Keely has named this new modification "Negative Attraction." The two forms of force with which he has experimented and the attendant phenomena, are exactly antithetical. It is by changing the vibrations of the cosmic ether that Keely releases this energy. Dr. Dupuy, of New York, experimented along these lines for many years, but without success to the degree Keely had. [underline added] [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

"Demonstrating the overcoming of gravity, Keely used an airship model weighing about 8 lbs., which, when the differentiated wire of silver and platinum was attached to it, communicating with the sympathetic transmitter, rose, descended, or remained stationery midway, the motion as gentle as that of thistledown floating in the air." [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

"The nearest approach to molecular uniformity in metallic masses is in the wire drawn for commercial uses, gold and platina being the nearest to freedom from differentiation. But even these wires, when tested by a certain condition of the first order of intensified molecular vibration for a transferring medium between centers of neutrality, I find to be entirely inadequate for the transfer of concordant unition, as between one and the other, on account of nodal interferences. We can appreciate the difficulty of converting such a medium to a uniform molecular link, by knowing that it can be accomplished only after removing all nodal interferences, by inducing between the nodal waves a condition in which they become subservient to the inter-sympathetic vibratory molecular link of such structure or wire." [Snell Manuscript - The Book, GRADUATION OF MACHINES, page 5]

"The positive vibrations are the radiating or propulsive, the negative vibrations are the ones that are attracted towards the neutral center. The action of the magnetic flow is dual in its evolutions, both attractive and propulsive. The sound vibrations of themselves have no power whatever to induce dissociation, even in its lowest form. Certain differential, dual, triple and quadruple chords give introductory impulses which excite an action on molecular masses, liquid and gaseous, that increase their range of molecular motion and put them in that receptive state for sympathetic vibratory interchange which favors molecular disintegration, then, as I have shown, the diatonic enharmonic is brought into play, which further increases the molecular range of motion beyond fifty percent of their diameters, when molecular separation takes place, giving the tenuous substance that is necessary to induce progressive subdivision. This molecular gaseous substance, during its evolution, assumes a condition of high rotation in the sphere or tube in which it has been generated, and becomes itself the medium, with the proper exciters, for further progressive dissociation. The exciters include an illuminated revolving prism, condenser, and colored lenses, with a capped glass tube strong enough to carry a pressure of at least one thousand pounds per square inch. To one of these caps a sectional wire of platinum and silver is attached; the other cap is attached to the tube so screwed to the chamber as to allow it to lead to the neutral center of said chamber." [Snell Manuscript - The Book, ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS, page 6]

"If a disk of proper proportions of silver, gold and platinum were used with the Trexar in connection with a "negative focalizer" (an accessory used in his magnetic engine, which he also calls his "polar radiator") the alloyed disk would exhibit high induced cohesion by adhering to this focalizer with such affinity as to become inseparable from it, notwithstanding any force which might be mechanically applied to pry them apart." [Snell Manuscript]

Law of The Dominant
"Every object is such by virtue of the higher or dominant force which controls the two tendencies, assimilation and individualization. i. e., Negative and Positive." Keely / MacVicar Divine Triplet or the Law of One in considering Gold, Silver & Platinum as applied to the Mind, Body & Spirit

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