Vibratory Sympathy

Believed to be at the heart of Universal Heart Beat, Dynaspheric Force, etc.

When object A is in sympathy with object B, A is aware of what happens to B and B is aware of what happens to A. As there is an innate or natural vibratory sympathy (sympathetic vibration) between all things or objects all things and objects are aware of all that is happening, everywhere and all the time regardless of Time and Space. This property or condition has been called by many names throughout humanity's long evolution: God, Mind, Celestial Sympathetic Radiation, Brahma, Cosmic Consciousness, etc.

JOHN ERNST WORRELL KEELY - the discoverer of compound interetheric force, as the result of more than 20 years of persistent effort to apply this force to the operation of machinery has, at last, been enabled to produce partial continuity of motion in his engine, but up to this time, he has not so mastered this subtle force as to control reversions. The development of his various discoveries has been one uninterrupted work of evolution, reaching, within the last year, he thinks, the sphere of perfect vibratory sympathy, both theoretically and practically. The proof of this is found in the fact that he now transmits vibrations along a wire, connected at one end with the vibratory machine which is the source of power and at its other end with the engine or cannon, as the case may be, which is operated by such vibratory power. Until recently Keely stored force, as he generated it, in a receiver, and experiments were made by him in the presence of thousands at various times for the purpose of testing the operations of this force, liberated in the presence of the audience and stored up in this small receiver. The editor of the Scientific American thus describes what took place: [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

He has again reduced in size the instrument producing the force. From 1882 to 1884 the "Generator" was six feet long and corresponding wide and high, but failing to make the arrangement automatic upon which its mechanical usefulness depended, Keely found a new standard for research in an experiment often made by himself, but never before successful, which resulted in invention in 1885 of the "Liberator" not so large as a lady's small round worktable. He made astonishing progress with this beautiful piece of vibratory mechanism, so as to combine the production of the power, operation of the cannon, his engine and his disintegrator in a machine no larger than a dinner plate and only three or four inches in thickness. This was completed in 1886, up to which time his experiments were upon the principle of sympathetic vibration, for liberating a vapory or etheric product. His later experiments were another modification of vibratory sympathy, and the size of the instrument used now, 1888, for the same purposes is no larger than an old fashioned silver watch. A pressure of 30,000 lbs. to the square inch in raising of the lever, and all other operations, without one ounce of pressure in any part of the apparatus, are effected by the ether. The force is transmitted along a wire of platinum and silver. Keely has named this new modification "Negative Attraction." The two forms of force with which he has experimented and the attendant phenomena, are exactly antithetical. It is by changing the vibrations of the cosmic ether that Keely releases this energy. Dr. Dupuy, of New York, experimented along these lines for many years, but without success to the degree Keely had. [underline added] [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

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