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Scientific American magazine published a number of negative articles about Keely and his motors. From the article below it can be seen these negative articles were nothing other than yellow journalism. Note below where Scientific American "refused the most urgent invitation extended to them to come to Philadelphia and witness the operations of his discoveries before ridiculing them." In other words SA wrote and published articles it never made an effort to research.

JOHN ERNST WORRELL KEELY - the discoverer of compound interetheric force, as the result of more than 20 years of persistent effort to apply this force to the operation of machinery has, at last, been enabled to produce partial continuity of motion in his engine, but up to this time, he has not so mastered this subtle force as to control reversions. The development of his various discoveries has been one uninterrupted work of evolution, reaching, within the last year, he thinks, the sphere of perfect vibratory sympathy, both theoretically and practically. The proof of this is found in the fact that he now transmits vibrations along a wire, connected at one end with the vibratory machine which is the source of power and at its other end with the engine or cannon, as the case may be, which is operated by such vibratory power. Until recently Keely stored force, as he generated it, in a receiver, and experiments were made by him in the presence of thousands at various times for the purpose of testing the operations of this force, liberated in the presence of the audience and stored up in this small receiver. The editor of the Scientific American thus describes what took place: [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

“That he uses compressed air or any known gas, as charged and insisted upon in the Scientific American, is absurd and totally impossible to conceive of, when we consider the available space for such compressed gas or air in all the cylinders put together which Mr. Keely employs. Besides, the phenomena accompanying the discharges of this gas or vapor after each experiment are entirely different from those of compressed air or ordinary gas.

“Mr. Keely justly complains that the Scientific American editors keep up the hue and cry of humbug and fraud against him, and at the same time have refused the most urgent invitation extended to them to come to Philadelphia and witness the operations of his discoveries before ridiculing them. It is a withering disgrace to the boasted progress of this age that any editor of a paper which flaunts “scientific” as a part of its title, should be afraid to witness and investigate a claimed new discovery before expressing an opinion upon it, lest it should render his journal unpopular with the unprogressive fogies of his patronage. Such spirit of journalistic cowardice is not only reprehensible, but detestable in the highest degree, and no paper pretending to be progressive should be considered worth reading by any thinking man so long as it fears to investigate any and all questions of science, philosophy, and mechanics which may come under its notice, and then give its readers the benefits of its unprejudiced opinion, let it strike where it will." [A Visit to Mr Keely - Astounding Performance of the Keely Motor]

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