9.11 - Love or Sympathy is Perfect Continuity

Furthermore, it is a well known and accepted rule of thumb that the denser a medium the greater the velocity of wave propagation through it. For these higher harmonics (overtones) to exist they require a finer Transmissive medium sympathetic to their natural or eigenfrequency.

  • The greater the mutual attraction the greater the density.
  • The finer grained a medium the denser it is.

Therefore the higher the harmonic or overtone the greater the density of the media in which it exists and the greater its velocity of propagation or Transmissive quality - even though its fundamental is much lower in frequency and lower in propagation/Transmissive rate. This explains what Einstein, Wheeler and Feynman puzzled over but couldn't answer. And it also points to how Keely was able in part to achieve his super high frequencies. See action at a distance, Connecting Link, Sympathetic Vibration

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