Law of Love

Also known as "Universal Law".

"The Law of Love is rhythmic balanced interchange between all things. Upon the law of balanced interchange, this entire reciprocal universe is motivated with such exactness of balance that astronomers can calculate the positions of planets and suns to the split second. In this wise, the universe is dependable. It observes the Law. It cannot do otherwise where God controls all things." [Russell, The Universal One, Preface]

"His [God's] Law of Balance is the law of Love upon which His universe is founded, for God is Love - and the universe must reflect His image." [Atomic Suicide, page 106]

"Creation consists of multiple electric wave units. In every cyclic unit of Creation the Law of Love is expressed to perfection, as demonstrated in one cycle of the electric current." [Atomic Suicide, page 205]

"God is Light. God is Love.
God's creating universe is founded on Love. It is creating with Light.
''The principle of love is desire to give. God gives love by extending His Light. God's love is a mirror of Light which reflects His giving of love by the regiving of love.
The law of love is rhythmic balanced interchange between all givings and regivings.
The symbol of love is the wave of dual light which gives and regives equally and rhythmically. This is a dual electric wave universe of interchanging light.'' (Fig. 1)

Figure 1

God's Love is everywhere; His Light is everywhere. There is naught but good in God's omniscient universe. Evil is a product of man's thinking.
God extends His love, His power and His knowing, radially, from zero points of omnipresent stillness to other zero points in the measure of His desire to give form to His imag-

page 219

inings. The intensity of desire extended from centering points of rest to extended points of rest determines the dimension of desire. (Fig. 2)" [Russell, The Secret of Light, PART III: Omnipresence The Universe of Being Postulates and Diagrams]

Figure 2

"All corpuscular action in Nature is vortex motion." [Keely, VORTEX ACTION]

All Motion is Spiral.

"All Motion is Spiral." Russell
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy)
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Q- What is the law of love?

A- Giving. As is given in this injunction, "Love thy Neighbor as Thyself"...

"Love the Lord thy God with all Thine Heart, Thine Soul and Thine Body."

In this, as in many, we see upon the physical or earth or material plane the manifestations of the law, without the law itself... That is The Law of Love.

Giving in action, without the force felt, expressed, manifested, shown, desired or reward from that given.

Not that the Law of Love does away with other laws, but makes The Law of Recompense, The Law of Faith, The Law of Divine, with the Law of Earth Forces, if you please, of effect, not defective, but effect.

So we have Love is Law, Law is Love. God is Love, Love is God.

...Now, if we , as individuals, upon the earth plane, have all of the other elementary forces that make to the bettering of life, and have not love we are as nothing - nothing." [Cayce (3744-4)]

"THAT IS THE LAW OF LOVE. Giving in action, without the force felt, expressed, manifested, shown, desired or reward for that given." [Cayce 3744-5]

"...law is love, love is law to all, as it expresses itself." [Cayce 1157-1]

"Well that the entity, or all, know that the Law of Love, or love as law, is cause and effect; or each impulse has its own corresponding reaction in thought, life, mental, physical and material. Not understood by some! This: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap" [(Galatians 6:7)]

"Each thought, as things, has its seed, and if planted, or when sown in one or another grounds, brings its own fruit; for thoughts are things, and as their currents run must bring their own seed." [Cayce (288-29)]

"Remember, fame and fortune and power are not the rule, but sincerity, patience, kindness, long-suffering, gentleness. Against these there is no law, for it is the Law of Love, of knowledge, of wisdom." [Cayce (189-3)]

"Everything that is, is of everything else that is. Nothing is of itself alone. All created things are indissolubly united." [Dale Pond, 1992]

"It is not all for an entity, or a soul, to have knowledge concerning law; whether karmic law, spiritual law, penal law, social law, or what not. The CONDITION is, what does the entity DO ABOUT the knowledge that has gained! Is the knowledge used to evade cause and effect, or is it used to coerce individuals into adhering to the thoughts of self? or is it used to AID others in THEIR understanding OF the law, and THUS bring the cause to that position where the WILL of the Creative influence is supreme; or the power that comes with making the will one WITH the Law of Love, of karma, of cause and effect, of every influence - one WITH Creation!" [Cayce (342-2)]

"The law of cause and effect is as the law of time and space - for cause and effect are one, and each creates its own recompense by the application of same, and in the application of any law (which is love - law being love, LOVE being law) the truth, the effect, the cause is seen." [Cayce 2842-2]

"The gospel is love, the law is error; therefore when you are under the law, you become subject to the laws and penalties. When you are free from the law, it has no power over you. This law of love is that love in mankind that is working in us or error to bring us to truth and set us free from the law of sin or death. The laws of love are the destruction of the laws of error, and they make us a law to ourselves. This law of love has no penalties or prisons, but like the bird that fliers in the sky is not troubled with earthly laws but is a law to itself." [Quimby]

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