10.06 - Sympathetic Streams or Love Connects All Matter

These streams connect all centers of neutrality of material centralizations. Every thing that is within the universe is a part of the universe and actually belongs in it. This is because of the sympathetic concordant association of each part for every other part (Cosmical Law of Assimilation) - to whatever degree that affinity may be, more or less. If this affinity, sympathy or attraction were not present in all matter the material substance of our universe would dissociate and fly apart according to the degree of discord now finding itself uncounterbalanced by its missing sympathetic concordance. Modern science likes to refer to this attractive force within all matter as valence, strong force and weak force, gluon attraction, coherence and adherence, etc. All forms of attraction are the same force operating in different arenas (ranges or bands of frequencies and densities) whether molecular, atomic or subatomic (quantum) levels. Another name for this attractiveness is Love, sympathy, affinity and syntropy.

"All's love, yet all's law."

As the offspring of God, only by living in love and harmony can we fulfill the law and maintain health and happiness, either individually in family life, or collectively in our intercourse with the world. As Goethe taught:-

Let the God within thee speak,
Love all things that lovely be,
And God will show His best to thee. [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

Single Mode Electric Vector Generating Circular Motion also Shown within Triple Vectors
(click to enlarge)
Single Mode Electric Vector Generating Circular Motion also Shown within Triple Vectors
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Figure 10.05 - Three Orthogonal Planes where Six Gyroscopic Vortices Converge/Centralize

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