16.29 - Triple Currents of Electricity

"There are three kinds of electricity, the harmonic and enharmonic, which, with their leader, the dominant, form the first triple. Their sympathetic associations evolve the energy of matter. The dominant is electricity luminous or propulsive positive. The harmonic, or the magnetic, which is the attractive, with its wonderful sympathetic outreach, is the negative current of the triune stream. The enharmonic, or high neutral, acts as the assimilative towards the reinstatement of sympathetic disturbance. In electric lighting, the velocity of the dynamos accumulates only the harmonic current - by atomic and interatomic conflict - transferring one-two hundred thousandth (1/200,000) of the light that the dominant current would give, if it were possible to construct a device whereby it could be concentrated and dispersed. But this supreme portion can never be handled by any finite mode. Each of these currents has its triple flow, representing the true lines of the sympathetic forces that are constantly assimilating with the polar terrestrial envelope. The rotation of the earth is one of the exciters that disturbs the equilibrium of these sensitive streams. The alternate light zone being ever followed by the dark zone, holds the sympathetic polar wave constant in its fluctuations. This fact may be looked upon as the foundation of the fable that the world rests upon a tortoise. The rotation of the earth is controlled and continued by the action of the positive and negative sympathetic celestial streams. Its pure and steady motion, so free from intermitting impulses, is governed to the most minute mathematical nicety by the mobility of the aqueous portion of its structure, i.e., its oceans and oceans' anastomosis. There is said to be a grain of truth in the wildest fable, and herein we have the elephant that the tortoise stands on. The fixed gravital centers of neutrality, the sympathetic concordants to the celestial outreach, that exist in the interatomic position, are the connective sympathetic links whereby the terrestrial is held in independent suspension. We cannot say that this corresponds to what the elephant stands upon but we can say "This is the power whereby the elephant is sympathetically suspended." [Snell Manuscript]

Elephant Tortoise

See Part 14 for expanded conversation on Keely's Triplets of Energy. We must take special note here of the nine aspects of electricity mentioned above. This would indicate a number of things one being Keely did not recognize electricity as a flow of electrons as orthodoxy does. Figure 16.09 below shows

1 - Dominant Electricity is the luminous or positive propulsive. This is where the light from an electric spark comes from.
2 - Enharmonic Electricity or High Neutral, acts as assimilative to balance.
3 - Harmonic Electricity, magnetic, attractive is the negative current. This is the electricity currently used.
4 - Graphic depiction of 'apparent' or seeming compound electric current.
See Electron describes triple currents as quark/lepton activities

Triple Streams of Electricity
Figure 16.09 - Triple Streams of Electricity

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