16.07 - Electricity is a Polar Exchange

"He (Keely) writes: "Electricity is a peripheral, polar force moving out of equilibrium, i.e., independently. Magnetism is a polar force moving in equilibrium. They are one and the same in essence and power; and their source is light;" the light from the great central sun of the universe, around which all solar systems revolve." [What Electricity Is - Bloomfield Moore]

"Inter elemental electric energy is simply an over-balance electrically, and under-balance magnetically within each tonal system. These opposed and unequalized energies are locked into their respective states of opposition by opposing pressures.

"Opposition is a characteristic appearance of all effects of motion. There are no opposites. The totals of any two opposing forces added together make one.

"Electric lines of force approach each other at 180°.

"Magnetic lines of force depart from the line of direction of electric and also of magnetic force at 180°.

"Electric energy reproduces itself by induction, and dissipates itself by conduction at an angle of 90° to the lines of induction and conduction.

"Matter is an illusion of substance due to states of opposing motion of the two apparently opposite forces of the one substance. The illusion of form and solidity intensifies as opposition increases toward maximum opposition line." Russell, The Universal One

"Increase motion-in-opposition and every effect of the illusion intensifies to its limitation in the simulation in non-motion-in-opposition of the universal white light of Mind.

"Decrease motion-in-opposition and every effect of the illusion nebulizes and eventually disappears into the white light of non-motion-in-inertia." Russell, The Universal One

Electric Centering Shaft around which dances Magnetic Vectors
Figure 16.05 - Electric Centering Shaft around which dances Magnetic Vectors

"The centering shaft, around which suns rotate, again compresses another sun into its vortex to repeat the process until all its mass disappears as rings. Lyra and Hydrae nebulae are good examples in the stellar system and Saturn well exemplifies how planets in our solar system, disappear into their zero." [Atomic Suicide, page 124]

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