13.11 - Triple Currents and Streams

Harmonic Current: magnetic, attractive, negative current. The Male, Father, Syntropic, Gravity, Contractive or Concentrative portion of the triune streams: Harmonic, Enharmonic and Dominant.
Harmonic Stream: The Father, Syntropic, Gravity, Contractive or Concentrative force in Nature.
Enharmonic Stream: high neutral. The Mother, Entropic, Levity, Expansive or Dissipative force in Nature.
Dominant: electricity luminous, positive propulsive, Mind.
Triple: Harmonic, enharmonic and dominant form FIRST triple. In forming SECOND triple level there are NINE currents in the second tier. Adding the two levels together there are 3+9=12 levels altogether; 13 if counting the BASE level.

See Part 14 for expanded material about Keely's Triplet of Energy.

"The action of Nature's sympathetic flows, writes Keely, regulates the differential oscillatory range of motion of the planetary masses as regards their approach toward and recession from each other. These flows may also be compared to the flow of the magnet which permeates the field, existing between the molecules themselves, sensitizing the combined neutral centres of the molecules without disturbing, in the least, the visible molecular mass itself. In the planetary masses - balanced as it were in the scales of universal space, like soap-bubbles floating in a field of atmospheric air - the concentration of these sympathetic streams evolves the universal power which moves them in their oscillating range of motion to and from each other. This sympathetic triple stream focalizes and defocalizes on the neutrals of all such masses; polarizing and depolarizing, positive and negative action, planetary rotation, etc., etc. It is thus that all the conditions governing light, heat, life, vegetation, motion, are all derived from the velocity of the positive and negative interchange of celestial sympathy with the terrestrial." [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

"Disturbance of equilibrium and sympathetic equation constitute the dual power that governs all the varied forms of life and motion which exist terrestrially, of which the electric or magnetic is the prime mover and regulator. All electrical action, no matter of what character, has its sympathetic birth by the intervention of that current of the triune flow, which I call the dominant, with the Polar harmonic current; all sympathetic flows being composed of three currents. They become associative one with the other only near the junction of terrestrial interference. The great vacuous field which exists between the planetary ranges holds this portion of the etheric flow free of all antagonism, molecularly or otherwise, till the associative point is reached; so wonderfully planned by the Great Creator, for instant electric evolution and assimilation with terrestrial centers of attraction. I call this intervention, atomic intermolecular and molecular density. The combination of the action of the triune sympathetic celestial stream with the same intervening medium induces heat and light as the resultant of these corpuscular conflictions with sympathetic celestial and terrestrial focalized centers of neutral radiation. I do not recognize electricity, nor light, nor heat as coming from the sun. These conditions, according to my theories, emanate from atomic and interatomic interference on induced molecular vibration, by sympathetic etheric vibration, the celestial attractive being the prime mover." [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

"Keely has discovered and was the first to demonstrate that electricity has never been handled; that it is not merely a force or a form of energy, - that it is matter; and that what we call electricity, and have diverted for commercial use in electric lighting, is but one of the triune currents, harmonic, enharmonic, and diatonic, which are united in pure electricity; that the enharmonic current seems to be sympathetically and mysteriously associated with the dominant current; and that the dominant current can no more be brought under control than can the lightning itself. The diversion of the dominant current would mean destruction to any mechanical medium used for that purpose, and death to the operator. The intense heat evolved by the electric stream Keely attributes to the velocity of the triple subdivision at the point of dispersion, as each triple seeks its medium of affinity. Sudden unition induces the same effect; but demonstration shows that the concentration of this triple force is as free of percussion as is the breath of an infant against the atmosphere; for the three currents flow together as in one stream, in the mildest sympathetic way, while their discharge after concentration is, in comparison to their accumulation, as the tornado's force to the waft of the butterfly's wing. The enharmonic current of this triple stream, Keely thinks, carries with it the power of propulsion that induces disturbance of negative equilibrium; which disturbance is essential to the co-ordination of its flow, in completing the triune stream of electricity. When this fluid is discharged from the clouds, each triplet or third seeks its terrestrial concordant, there to remain until that supreme law which governs disturbance of equilibrium again induces sympathetic concordant concentration, continuing to pass through its evolutions, positively and negatively, until the solar forces are expended." [Keelys Contributions to Science]

NOTE: There is considerable confusion about the terms male, female, Mother and Father. It appears these were used oppositely by Keely, Russell and this writer. Because Russell came later and his writings are more extensive we will defer to his use. At the same time we limit our use as much as possible in all cases to use Syntropy and Entropy in their stead as these terms are clear and unambiguous. This to reduce confusion in an already confusing subject.

Triune Polar Stream Characteristics
Figure 13.12 - Triune Polar Stream Characteristics

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Figure 13.12 - Triune Polar Stream Characteristics
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Table 15.02 - Triune Polar Streams
triune differential sympathizer
triune electric flow
triune flow
triune force
Triune polar flow
triune polar flows
triune rays of Infinity
Triune States of Matter and Energy
triune streams
triune sympathetic celestial stream

Gravity Syntropic and Radiative Entropic Waves
Figure 13.13 - Gravity Syntropic and Radiative Entropic Waves

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Table 15.02 - Triune Polar Streams
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