"The diamagnetic receding movement in the metal silver when brought close to the poles of a magnet operated by alternating current, is caused by "interatomic bombardment" of some 800,000 "corpuscular percussions" per second, or, expressed more exactly, by "intersympathetic vibrations" (non-operative on molecular, intermolecular or atomic sympathy, but penetrating within these to the interatom) or "interatomic bombardment". [DIAMAGNETISM - Snell]

"In reply to the question, "What do you include in the polar forces?" Keely answers, "Magnetism, electricity, and gravital sympathy; each stream composed of three currents, or triune streams, which make up the governing conditions of the controlling medium of the universe: the infinite ninths that I am now endeavouring to graduate to a sympathetic mechanical combination, will, if I succeed, close my researches in sympathetic physics, and complete my system. These sympathetic streams from celestial spaces, percussing on the dense atmospheric environment of our earth, by their infinite velocities, wrest from their atomic confinement the latent energies which we call heat and light." [Keely, Appendix II]

An ingenious contrivance whereby a hammer strikes the tongue of a reed and sets it in motion simultaneously with the admission of air from the windchest, thus securing the rapid speech of the reed. Were it not for the percussion, the reed would be only gradually set in motion by the admission of the current of air, and the sound would not instantly follow the striking of the key. It is commonly used in harmoniums, but has also been applied to the largest reeds of an organ. (Stainer, John; Barrett, W.A.; A Dictionary of Musical Terms; Novello, Ewer and Co., London, pre-1900)

The striking of a discord, which takes place after its preparation, and which is followed by its resolution. (Stainer, John; Barrett, W.A.; A Dictionary of Musical Terms; Novello, Ewer and Co., London, pre-1900)

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