Triune States of Matter and Energy


By way of explanation -
Associating Oxygen (entropic element) with Hydrogen (syntropic element) yields Water (dynamic balance).
Dissociating Water (dynamic balance) yields Oxygen (entropic element) and Hydrogen (syntropic element).

Associating Matter with Spirit (Mind) creates Life (motion).
Dissociating Spirit (Mind) from Matter is Death (no motion).

Keely "The gravital flow comes, in this system, under the order of the sympathetic concordant of the 9ths, and belongs to that third of the triune combinations called polar propulsive.

"Magnetism is polar attraction.

"Gravity is polar propulsion.

"Both magnetism and gravity can be accelerated by the proper medium of sympathetic vibratory influences." [Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter 19]

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