triple focalized action

"I find that there is no medium in the range of vibratory philosophic research, that is as unerringly exact, towards the center of sympathetic attraction, as the negative attractive influence of a certain triple association of the metallic masses of gold, silver and platina. In fact, they are as accurate indicators of the earth's terrestrial sympathetic envelope, and its triple focalized action towards the earth's neutral center, as the magnet is an indicator of the diversion of the attractive flow of the dominant current of the electric stream. Although much has been written on the subject, the conditions attending the continuous flow of the magnet remains a problem that has never been solved by any other theory. Yet the solution is very simple when harmonic vibratory influence is brought to bear upon it. [Keely, ANSWERS MADE IN LETTERS FROM MR. KEELY - TO QUESTIONS ASKED OF HIM]

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