Triple Centers

Triple Centers
Figure 9.8 - Triple Centers

The illustration below is supposed to illustrate the matrix of nine orthogonal centers. There are three coincidental centers at the Central Center. There are six orthogonal and Elongated Centers surrounding the three coincident Central Centers for a total of nine centers. The Elongated Centers are the same as Russell's Magnetic Still Light axial-type centers.

When the Elongated Centers are extended there is a vortex. When the Elongated Centers are contracted to the Central Center there are toroids of various configurations. When all centers are coincident to the Central Center there is a sphere.

Dominant or Central Center about which the others move. Secondary and Tertiary centers Magnetic Still Light centers Multiple Centers study

Triple Centers
Triple Centers

"These triple centres are the very foundation of the universe, and the great Creator has, in His majestic designs, fixed them indissolubly in their position. Mathematically considered, the respective and relative motion of these atomic triplets, gravitating to and revolving around each other, is about one and one-third of their circumference. The problem of this action, when reduced to mathematical analysis (presupposing taking it as the quadrature of the circle) would baffle the highest order of mathematical science known to bring it to a numerical equation." [Etheric Vibration. - The Key Force]

"The vapor from the liberator, registered at 20,000 lbs. per square inch has a range of atomic motion of 1333 1/3 the diameter of the atmospheric molecule with constant rotary vibratory action. At 10,000 lbs., 666 2/3, at 5,000, 333 1/3, at 2500, 166 2/3, at 1250, 83 1/3, at 625, 41 2/3. The higher the range of atomic motion the greater its tenuity and pressure. The very evolution on the negative shows a vacuum of a much higher order than was ever produced before confounding all theory to analyze. The highest vacuum known is 17.999999, or not quite 30 inches, but Keely produced etheric vacuums repeatedly of 50 to 57 inches ranging down to 30 inches or 57 lbs. All operations of nature have for their sensitizing centers of introductory action, triple vacuum evolutions. These evolutions are centered in atomic triple revolutions, highly radiophonic in their character and thoroughly independent of all outside forces in their spheres of action. No conceivable power, however great, can break up their independent centers. These triple centers are the foundation of the universe, and mathematically considered, the respective and relative motion of these atomic triplets, gravitating to and revolving around each other, is about one and one-third of their circumference. The problem of this action, when analyzed mathematically, (taking it as the quadrature of the circle) would baffle mathematical science to bring it to a numerical equation. Every revolving body is impressed by nature with certain laws making it susceptible of the operation of force, which being applied, impels motion. These bodies never can approach nearer than a certain limit, nor farther than a certain point. They are, at some mean point, made perfectly equal, and may therefore be considered as one force and as one element. It matters not that other and disturbing forces exist outside or inside the space these bodies revolve in, because if this force must be considered as acting uniformly, applying itself to each of these bodies in a way to produce a perfect equation on all, it is as if this outside force were nonexisting." [JOHN ERNST WORRELL KEELY]

(GAIA) "Dear seekers, these three forces (electricity, gravity and Mind) are quite connected, as are many things, inextricably. Let us frame the answer around the workings of your Musical Sphere."

"The forces described above are interwoven so that the staging of conditions to focalize etheric density, combined with karmic forces, Love and Gaiac Forces, conspire (breathe together) to form a Neutral Center or point of Etheric Implosion that evacuates molecular components, creating a situation of extreme potential power. The potential power is realized by natural evolution as dictated by the lines of travel and intersection of the forces called upon by the inherent construct."

"Let us talk about the nature of that construct. We have lines of transit of the forces going in and out that create acceleration of etheric dynamics. Included in the list are: nodal frequency acceleration of the time-space dimensional fabric of the Universe shifting toward the key range that supports Harmony. The Harmony referred to includes advancement toward enlightened coexistence with all Forces and Beings also supporting Harmony. Each contribution attracts and cohesively combines with kindred manifestations of Light in variant forms. This is the basis of "karma", gravity and evolution toward the One. Each of these represents a "rib" or line of force curved to circumscribe a toroid. Thus, each complies with and creates the natural and most efficient means of moving its evolution toward the One. The One is not a state of rest or quietude, but quite the opposite: a state of dynamic movement and orchestration. When a force field or its matrix is established in a form that naturally creates harmonics that also conform to the same configuration, even if offset in time or space, then this dynamic is created. If enough force is focalized, the fields or matrices created will be quite strong and create a stabilizing influence in surrounding conditions. This is true of thought patterns, consciousness evolution, etheric communication, etheric work, and gravity." [Gaia reading circa 1995]

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