Light Rings formed at 90 Degrees to Magnetic Center Line

Zero Planes of Depolar Inertia
Figure 10.03 - Zero Planes of Depolar Inertia versus 4++ Centralizations of Polar Matter
"These loops are not like continuous cylinders of force, they are divided into whirling buttons or discs separated from each other in accordance with the force of the current." [Polar Interchange - Part III]
Electricity records Mind-thought in rings of light
Light Rings formed at 90° to Magnetic Center Line
Light Rings formed at 90° to Magnetic Center Line

"No matter what he does, to upset the universal balance, he will find that the Creator of Creation always centers him, and his own unbalanced orbit is still on center with his unbalance, and is perpetually in a plane of 90 degrees from the shaft upon which its circlings turn." [Atomic Suicide, page 171]

"The fallacy of this entire statement lies in the belief that the two opposite directions, which the projected particles are following, are directions of motion. Herein lies the cause of the misconception, which pure illusion of motion is accountable for. These two opposite directions in which the cobalt particles have been projected are not the direction of motion, they are points or shafts within the stillness of the zero universe which have become identifiable by motion. The one direction of motion is that of rings which encircle that projected direction within stillness in planes of ninety degrees from it." [Atomic Suicide, page 284]

"It is a commonly known fact by every physicist and laboratory worker that electricity runs only in the direction of the turnings in a solenoid coil. Every such worker is also perfectly familiar with the effect of polarization which evidences its effect at 90 degrees from the direction - and plane - of the electric current. These two seeming directions, and effects, are confusing to him for the idea of polarization, as an extension of stillness, has not yet entered his thinking." [Atomic Suicide, page 283-284]

Earth, water, air (and light) are organisms, and between them lie the organs of the most diverse nature in a constant state of readiness to act. If we bring these organs together harmoniously; if we place every inner potential opposite its outer harmonic form, then the thing begins to gyrate within and about itself and to evolve, because in rhythmical sequence every impulse is countered by an expulse, through which the harmonic motion gives way to the inflowing and diffusing counter-movement.

The counter-reactive transverse electrical potentials have to be stationed opposite the strongest longitudinal magnetic potentials. Out of this normal state of opposition the harmonic transitional point is created in the golden middle. This golden middle is the organic angle. It is the only true pathway upon which there is no upwards, no downwards, no sideways and no inwards, but only a movement in and about itself, which corresponds to the infinite will of God, the unity in the universality. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, From Special Edition Mensch und Technik, Vol. 2, 1993, section 7.4]

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