direction of motion

"8. Man plainly senses the motion of a plane, or boat, or a speeding bullet and thinks of it as a direction of motion. He sees the motion of a wave, or the vibration registered by a harp string, or the cardiogram of a heart pulsation. His senses also interpret these as motion, and directions of motion, not knowing that they are but registering the curvature of gravity control, and that the direction of motion is ninety degrees removed from that direction of gravity control." [Atomic Suicide, page 170]

"Step No. 6. In further statements made in "Life," "SCIENCE NEWS LETTER," and many other newspapers, it is claimed that the discovery of different ends to atomic particles, and emissions of other particles from opposite ends, gives to each emitted particle "a spin in the direction of its motion." As the motion of these ejected particles is claimed to be in opposite directions the result of the discovery has "proved" that motion is two-way, "which means right-handed and left-handed." [Atomic Suicide, page 276-277]

"In other words we will return to the electric current and compare this experiment to just one cycle of it. We, therefore, first postulate the basic fact that, in all this universe, there is only one direction to motion, but that one direction produces two opposite series of effects." [Atomic Suicide, page 277]

"A cyclone is anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Right-handedness and left-handedness, up and down, in and out, hot and cold, life and death, expansion and contraction, and a hundred other opposite pairs of effects are produced by one direction of motion in this pulsing universe." [Atomic Suicide, page 277]

"Fig. 71. Nature's one direction of motion produces her two opposite effects." [Atomic Suicide, page 278]

"This same principle, as demonstrated in Figs. 71-72 is also demonstrated by the atomic and nebular systems, which form where two anodes are united by collision. This figure demonstrates the one-way of motion which produces both effects of life and death in Nature." [Atomic Suicide, page 280]

"Imagine that you can reach out with your right hand and grasp the right-hand end of the earth's pole of rotation. With your left hand you reach out and grasp the left end of that pole. If you stand there, as rigidly as steel, the equator of the planet and the equator of your body are in the same plane. This being true one of your eyes is on the right side of the equator and the other is on the left. In this position both of your eyes see only the one effect of the planet's spinning in the same direction. Now bend your body so that both of your eyes can see what the right side of the planet is doing. You now see a clockwise direction to the spinning of the planet. Now bend your body so that both of your eyes can see what the left side is doing. You now see an anti-clockwise spinning. In other words you see opposite directions of motion where there is but one direction." [Atomic Suicide, page 282]

"The fallacy of this entire statement lies in the belief that the two opposite directions, which the projected particles are following, are directions of motion. Herein lies the cause of the misconception, which pure illusion of motion is accountable for. These two opposite directions in which the cobalt particles have been projected are not the direction of motion, they are points or shafts within the stillness of the zero universe which have become identifiable by motion. The one direction of motion is that of rings which encircle that projected direction within stillness in planes of ninety degrees from it." [Atomic Suicide, page 284]

"They are also mirrors which reverse all direction of motion, which impact against them to extend them into the next wave-field and radar them back to their point of beginning. When the world of science realizes that radar and polarization are one and the same effect it will greatly advance its mechanics, for it is by this principle that any happening anywhere in the universe happens everywhere. This principle is the whole basis of the telephone, radio, television, etc. [Atomic Suicide, page 289-291]

"Spinning rings then move around a center, instead of an extended shaft of gravity, however, caused by the motion of the propellers. The plane itself would then occupy a position of stillness. Can you not see that it would always occupy a position of stillness, no matter where it seemingly moved? And can you not see that the spinning rings are the cause of that seeming motion? And can you not further see that the direction of motion is not in the projectile, or the plane, or of gravity, but solely in the divided pressures which cause that spinning motion?" [Atomic Suicide, page 292]

"If we go into the machine shop we will see a long shaft with many wheels upon it. They are all turning in the direction of motion yet they are not changing their positions. They perform as much work, or can do as much damage, as the plane or bullet, without changing their gravity position. Which is it, then, which demonstrates power? Is it the direction of motion around stillness, or is it the shifting point of stillness?" [Atomic Suicide, page 292]

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