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These planes of gyroscopic imperfection are the tonal positions of the elements of matter in which various states of energy are locked within ever contracting pressure compartments of the cones of their waves.

The opposing planes are the positive-negative equal and opposite actions and reactions which constitute the more and the less of positive and negative action and reaction. At these planes, reproduction of motion is only possible through union.

These planes are the planes of sex, male and female, which constitute the division of all effects of motion into the opposites of motion.

North is the direction of the action of effort, as south is the direction of its reaction.

North is the point toward which electricity apparently attempts to gather the universal substance together into one solid inert mass, but failing in this it gathers an illusion of the substance into innumerable separate harmonic spheres through motion of the thinking process.

All direction is an effect of gravitation and radiation.

All gravitative effects are electrically dominated.

All gravitative effects are the result of inhalation.

All radiative effects are magnetically dominated.

All radiative effects are the result of exhalation.

Electricity moves always in the direction of north, by the way of east.

Magnetism moves always south, by the way of west.

Nature divides these pressure compartments into octaves, four of which are contracting pressures which she gives to electric control, and the other four are expanding pressures which she gives to magnetic control.

Between the third and the fourth pressure walls in the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth octaves, the opposing pressures become so great that nature creates mid-tonal pressure compartments where storm centers are much more concentrated and velocity of revolution is multiplied. Nature accumulates intensity of energy expression in every wave from the southerly inertial line of the inert gases to the northerly carbon line of maximum motion.

The cones of energy, within which all expressions of motion are contained, are ever changing their positions so that their apices are ever moving spirally away from points of concept and returning to those same points.

The accompanying charts of the mechanics of motion will more clearly demonstrate nature's process of energy accumulation and distribution.

The spiral direction of all motion is the cause of the two other opposites of direction known as east and west.

East is a contraction of the inertial south of concept and memory of form toward the north of reflection of concept through motion, and west is north's expansive return toward south.

Motion cannot express itself in the direction of a straight line.

Newton's first law of physics which states that a moving body left to itself moves on forever in a straight line with a uniform velocity, is not in conformity with the laws of motion.

In this universe of varying pressures, all masses floating "in space" constantly move in the direction of their changing potentials. This direction is always spiral.

All motion being spiral, all direction being curved, and all pressure planes being conic sections, electric action can not proceed directly north from south in a straight line, but must progress toward north in a spiral direction.

As electro-positive action proceeds northerly, it contracts.

The direction of contraction is north by the way of east.

East is toward least rotation at the gravitative center of any mass.

The maximum of east is where east meets north following the charging areas of mass.

As electro-negative action returns toward south, it expands.


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