four rings

God's End of the Cosmic Bridge

The eight corner projectors of the Universal radar broadcasting stations.

God's end of the cosmic
Bridge where motion begins
Its projection into space
To simulate mind-idea.

Matter begins by division of stillness in the inert gases and its projection by two-way motion into pairs of octave wave tones, which we call elements. The principle of projection is the same that man uses in projecting the concept of his idea into the moving form of the idea. It is the dual radar principle of Nature. Reduced to its ultimate simplicity, Nature is a series of echoes. [Russell, Atomic Suicide - Fig 62]

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"God thinks in electric pulsations which are recorded in motion as four pairs of rings which are compressed into spheres. Each cyclic pulsation is manifested by the projection of four concentric light rings in one plane from one point of Magnetic Mind-Light, in which the red half of the spectrum is on the outside of the rings and the blue half on the inside. These four rings are the seed of the octave wave and occupy that position in the wave known as the zero group of the elements, or inert gases." [Atomic Suicide, page 119]

"Each inert gas is constructed by four pairs of rings in one plane, centered by a hole which is the invisible Mind-Source of those four pairs of rings. At the very center of that hole is a point of stillness, within which is lodged all of the life, energy, knowledge, idea, and the other qualities which are a part of the God-Nature in non-dimensional qualities. Every point in all the universe is like that point, but we are concerned with but one of them now, for that is the point where the oak tree draws its power to express the oak tree idea in form - or which any other unit of Creation has chosen to draw its identity and power." [Atomic Suicide, page 236]

"Fig. 63 is the body end of the cosmic bridge. It is that which is projected. It is motion compressed into a spherical image of the transient form that is eternally recorded in the hole which is within the four rings of the seed. That sphere is also composed of eight parts, and is centered by the zero of its Source." [Atomic Suicide, page 258]

"Likewise, it would be impossible to symbolize their ring proportions. All we can say in this brief treatise, to clarify that mystery, is that the four rings of the 1st octave are very large and grow smaller as the octaves proceed to the 9th. Likewise, the length of the 1st octave string is so very long that its vibrations are immeasurable and undetectable." [Atomic Suicide, page 263]

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