Inert Gas

CHEMISTRY - A gas in group 0 of the periodic table of the elements; it is monatomic and, with limited exceptions, chemically inert. Also known as Noble gas. These gases are diamagnetic. Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon.

In the Russell system all those elements having 0 potential in his Table of the Elements. Zero potential presumes undifferentiated element of its octave as whole undifferentiated light from the sun before refraction or differentiation.


Figure 12.03 - Scale Showing Relations of Light, Color and Tones (color added)

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"Think of the inert gases as fundamentals in music. A fundamental contains the notes of its Overtone Series. In this case each gas is a fundamental for its Octave of elements. Now consider the energy state (wavefunction) of that gas differentiating into the elements of its Octave. Further, consider each gas as Neutral (no polarity or depolar). Differentiation (refraction) provides the polarity of the contained/generated element. These gases record the IDEA of those elements which are manifest as wave forms. Therefore, inert gases are derived of universal Mind Force (Keely's compound interetheric mind substance) - just as a music fundamental preserves its aliquot harmonics or overtones.

"Chemically these zero points of beginnings and endings are the inert gases of the elements, the patterned seed record from which the octave waves of the elements of matter appear. The inert gases are the seed from which patterned waves of the elements spring as oak trees spring from the patterned inert gas which centers the acorn. The plane upon which the inert gases rotate is 90 degrees from the plane of carbon's equator, which is upon the wave's amplitude." [Russell, Mirrors and Lens of Cosmic Cinema]

"The total lack of knowledge of the purpose and workings of the inert gases and their relation to growth control from the seed, and their power multiplication principle which causes all effects of motion to step-up from their zero cold static condition to white hot heat and power conditions." [Russell, Russells Optic Dynamo-Generator]

"And of those most important of the elements, which man calls the "inert gases," nothing at all is known except that they will not combine with any other elements." [Russell, The Universal One]

"In this Universe, the octaves of the elements of matter "Grow" from seed, just as all things grow from seed. Elements are not fixed created things. They are pressure conditions of light waves. The inert gases are the cosmic seeds of matter in this Universe. They surround the zero from which motion springs and to which it returns. They are the seeds of the octaves of matter, and each octave has a different seed just as different trees has different seeds. The inert gases are the recorders in cosmic seed of this creating universe of infinite continuity." [Russell]

"The master-tone of each octave is the inheritance of the original motion of the thinking process of Mind. These master-tones are the "inert gases" which are classified in the zero group of the Mendeleef table.

The state of motion of these inert gases is that of motion-in-inertia."

"Motion-in-inertia is that state of pressure equilibrium which lies between any two masses.

"The inertial line, or plane is that dividing line, or plane, toward which all masses discharge their potential.

"It is the line, or plane, of lowest potential of two opposing areas of potential, where opposing pressures neutralize. This is the plane of minimum pressure of two opposing areas.

"The master-tones which represent a state of motion-in-inertia and are the inert gases, bear the same relationship to the elements that white bears to the colors. They are a registration of them all. White is not included in the spectrum, it has no place there. The inert gases should not be included in the elements. They have no place there. Of this more shall be written later in its proper place." [Russell, The Universal One]

"Records of Motion are seeds for repetition of motion. In the seed is desire for manifesting imaged forms of idea. All forms are wave forms. All wave forms unfold from seed records of those wave forms." [Russell, The Secret of Light, page 137]

"The octaves of the elements of matter “grow” from seed, just as all things grow from seed. From the moment the elements unfold from their seed, they are in a constant state of transition, from the beginning of their cycle to the end. Elements are not fixed created things. They are pressure conditions of light waves. Those conditions of light pressures are constantly changing from infancy to old age in the elements of matter just as they are in the animal kingdom.

The inert gases are cosmic elements which will not combine with any other elements. They constitute the recording system of this creating universe. They surround the zero from which motion springs and to which it returns. They represent minimum motion in the wave, just as amplitudes represent maximum motion. They are the seeds of the octaves of matter, and each octave has a different seed just as different trees have different seeds.

Elements are waves, and waves disappear and reappear. God's recording system does not allow any creating thing to disappear without recording the actions and reactions of its stages of appearance. All states of motion are recorded in the inert gases. In the inert gases are the souls of their bodily manifestations in the universe of motion. In them is desire for expression and the patterned form of that desire.

The cosmic inert gases fill all space between the stars of heaven. They insulate states of motion from each other by their balancing zero. They bring all motion into being through the will of the Creator, true to the pattern of desire. They are the source of balancing cosmic rays which interchange between zero and matter. They vitalize matter with the omnipotence of creative desire which lies within the zero of these cosmic rays.

There are nine cosmic gases; the first and the last being one. Alphanon begins the cycle and ends it.

There is no beginning and no ending.

The list of cosmic gases follows: alphanon, betanon, gammanon, helium. neon, argon, krypton, tenon, and niton. [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, Part III]

"You are seeing the luminous metallic expansion bullets which leave their metallic quality in their target to continue their expansion, and pass through, and beyond it into an inert gas named niton, then through another named zenon, then through another named krypton, and another named argon, and still another named neon until it finds its final resting place in helium. In passing through all these they have expanded them all to get back to the low pressures of the 4th octave." [Atomic Suicide, page 39]

"The great mystery of all of the mysteries of matter lies hidden within the inert gases of the wave. The nature and structure of these keys to motion has never been known." [Atomic Suicide, page 169]

"That is something which the physicist can more readily understand when you tell him that the imperishable, invisible seed within that acorn is an inert gas, or a combination of several octaves of inert gases." [Atomic Suicide, page 233]

"It is necessary to know why tungsten becomes helium. There are nine inert Soul-recording gases, why helium? The inert gas for the tungsten octave is xenon. Why should tungsten not refold into xenon? The answer is that it does refold into xenon, but all of the inert gases are within each other and helium is the balancing inert gas of the nine. Xenon expands into krypton. Krypton expands into argon, then into neon until it finds balance in carbon." [Atomic Suicide, page 246]

"Matter begins by division of stillness in the inert gases and its projection by two-way motion into pairs of octave wave tones, which we call elements." [Atomic Suicide, page 253]

"God's end of the cosmic
Bridge where motion begins
Its projection into space
To simulate mind-idea.

Matter begins by division of stillness in the inert gases and its projection by two-way motion into pairs of octave wave tones, which we call elements. The principle of projection is the same that man uses in projecting the concept of his idea into the moving form of the idea. It is the dual radar principle of Nature. Reduced to its ultimate simplicity, Nature is a series of echoes." [Atomic Suicide - Fig 62]

"The question has long been asked by research scientists why it is that the inert gases will not mix, or unite with "any of the other elements." The first answer is that the inert gases are not electrically divided and conditioned elements, as all of the others in the nine octaves are. The inert gases begin in the first octave as invisible white fluorescent light of zero motion. They end at the 9th cathode in the 9th octave, as visible white fluorescent light, which has reached a speed of nearly 186,400 miles per second. Fluorescent light is that light which begins in the undivided electric spectrum. It is the beginning and end of motion. All motion is either red or blue, according to its sex. The end of motion at the amplitude of the 9th octave means that the divided spectrum has been united as one colorless, sexless light which has been under such high compression that it has reached its limit of conditioning by motion and must be transformed from the white light of visible motion to the invisible white Light of Magnetic stillness. The fluorescent light is that ending of electric power to divide motion into pairs, and to condition the pairs with the opposing sex tensions of electrically divided spectrum opposites. The inert gases are not pairs. They are not divided. Division takes place by light projected from them, but that projected light of spectrum pairs is the basis of the electrochemical elements, which have great volume and density in comparison." [Atomic Suicide, page 261-262]

"If you will study the corner reflectors of radar, as shown in figures 62-63, and their relation to ring projections from inert gases, and observe their spiral formation, as shown in Fig. 64, you will better comprehend the wave, which controls the construction of all matter." [Atomic Suicide, page 273-274]

"It is also this power of penetration and speed of the 9th octave which not only unlocks the pressures of the lower inert gases, octave by octave, but also unlocks the pressures of the 8th, 7th, 6th and 5th octaves of radioactive elements. Most deadly among these are radium, thorium, actinium, strontium, barium, calcium, potassium, arsenic and phosphorus." [Atomic Suicide, page 262]

Electric Current Cycle color version

Figure 42 - Electric Current Cycle.
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(see Atomic Suicide, original black and white version)
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Inert Gases are the invisible bridge between heaven and earth. See connecting link.

Inert Gases (According to Walter Russell)
Radon (Niton)
(See The Russell Nine Octave Chart of the Elements)

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