Alphanon - First "particle" or centralization of motion as form. [See The Universal One, Page 92]

0= Alphanon 100= An. °C.
[The Universal One, Page 92]

0 Alphanon (non-opposition - equilibrium)
0 Omeganon/Alphanon (non-opposition - equilibrium)

Chester Hatstat
Alphanon is the beginning and end of the Octave scale of elements. It is an inert gas, and inert gases have an inherent structure that makes them the repository of the wave patterning of ideas. All of space is filled with alphanon and other undetectable elements in the first three octaves of Russell's Octave Periodic Charts. Is alphanon, alone, the conductor and organizing medium for the manifestation of human thinking? [Chester Hatstat]

The Alphanon is the first polar centralization of syntropic force to form while the Omeganon is its opposite or last decentralization of entropic energy to disperse (become neutral or depolar). The Alphanon begins the polarized formation of matter while Omeganon ends the formation of matter.

"Each inert gas is constructed by four rings in one plane, centered by a hole which is the invisible Mind-Source of those four rings. At the very center of that hole is a point of stillness, within which is lodged all of the life, energy, knowledge, idea, and the other qualities which are a part of the God-Nature in non-dimensional qualities. Every point in all the universe is like that point, but we are concerned with but one of them now, for that is the point where the oak tree draws its power to express the oak tree idea in form - or which any other unit of Creation has chosen to draw its identity and power." [Atomic Suicide, page 236]

"Radioactivity has so nearly reached its maximum at this point that the speed of the cosmic seed shed by these isotopes has been measured at 180,000 miles per second, which is approximately the speed of light nearing its ending point at tomion where the octave again begins at alphanon." [The Secret of Light, page 271]

"There are nine cosmic gases; the first and the last being one. Alphanon begins the cycle and ends it. There is no beginning and no ending.
The list of cosmic gases follows: alphanon, betanon, gammanon, helium, neon, argon, krypton, zenon, and niton." [The Secret of Light, page 272]

"The visible octaves may be considered to be five and one half in number if one ignores the three known elements of the third octave; and the unknown and invisible elements of the last half of the ninth octave. The last half of the ninth octave is considered to be part of the first, invisible, space octaves. It precedes the first full octave which begins with the keynote inert gas alphanon. See page 272. [The Secret of Light, page 292]

"The invisible space octaves beyond our range of present perception may be considered three and one half in number: if one considers 1) the last half of the ninth octave to be part of the first, invisible, space octaves, and 2) all of the third octave elements to be unknown, though only four elements are yet undiscovered. The last half of the ninth octave includes the elements tomion, alberton, blacton, and boston. The four yet keynote inert gas alphanon. See page 272. [The Secret of Light, page 292]

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