A Russellian Extrapolation of the Creation of Alphanon from Plutonium Decay

A Russellian Extrapolation of the Creation of Alphanon from Plutonium Decay
August 12,2011

At the beginning of infinite mind conceptualizing 3 dimensional motion lies the realm of the scalar potential. Walter Russell's point of cyclic beginnings is the undiscovered point of Alphanon, the first octaves inert gas. His first inert gas as described in his nine octave periodic table of our 3 dimensional elements. When his ninth octaves 7th element, Plutonium has reached the end of it's harmonic stabilities and it's sub components have reached revolutionary radioactive speeds approaching the speed of light it finalizes it's decay by flatting at it's poles and boring a hole through it's center. It's decayed form in it's ending has now become the the beginning or the first octaves inert gas Alphanon. Alphanon is the largest of the inert gases in ratio of ring size due to inheriting it's diameters from Plutonium the largest of the elements in its wave field size as described by Walter Russell in The Universal ONE under his chapter regarding universal ratios.

The question now to be asked by the reader is, "what is this ring composed of?". The ring we know from what we've conjectured is the remnant of the nucleus of the plutonium atom. Decayed now without is neutrons, simple protons and electrons or two thirds of a 3 dimensional nucleolated system. Left without motion due to lack of neutrons, flat and nebulous. Because this is now a binary construct, we know from Walter Russell that the protons represent the + positive and electrons represent the - negative electrical forces. With this in mind the natural outcome is a magnetic polarization of the ring system.

With the above construct of slight electric and magnetic polarization Universe accommodates a wave field ratio boundaries based upon the energy expressed by the ring systems nature. Simultaneously with this construct of potentials the harmonic resonances of a binary ring system divide the ring into two rings of blue and red sympathetic opposite potentials. These rings seeking to find fully stable harmonic balance by each dividing again into two more rings of blue violet and red violet sympathetic resonances to dynamically balance all four rings in a fully balanced dynamically harmonic stable system.

The subsequent completion of this Alphanon formation is a progression of sub division into a four ring sudo 2 dimensional system matured and catalyzed by the voided open center of the ring. Space , or the plenum of the universe has no voids, there is no vacuum, all space is filled. Based upon this knowledge, we know scalar vibratory desire of radial motion fills the background of space. John Keely tells us the density of this background desire is 986,000 times the density of steel. Then what lies now in the center of this ring? Answer, a neutral center.

Now with a complete wave field bounded stable system the rings continue their evolutionary journey from Plutonium to Alphanon and into the forms allowed by there octave wave field boundary of the 1st octave by forming spheres at the neutral center of the bound system. Centrifugal motion of the rings expanding to limits of the wave fields corners flow back centripetally to the systems center to meet with the neutral center and complete a 3 dimensional construct with proton, electron and neutral centers gift of neutron by way of neutral center. The gift produces 1st octave element Tomium.

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