Refraction Reflection

Same as Keely's Differentiation

"The change of direction of propagation of any wave phenomenon occurs when the wave velocity changes. The wave velocity changes when the medium through which the wave travels becomes either denser or thinner, as when a sound wave goes through the air and into a wall or other object." [McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science & Technology]

"I have spoken elsewhere of the almost infinite difficulties of getting into position, to hold hydrogen gas in suspension between soap film a proper period of time, to conduct these experiments. The setting of the other parts of the apparatus is quite easy in comparison. All wave propagations, electromagnetic or otherwise by being thus refracted can be measured in regard to the time of their propagation all of which are introductorily subservient to the luminiferous ether. The theory put forward by "men of science" in regard to electromagnetic forces shows that they are misled by the imperfection of their instruments. They are trying to measure the infinite by the finite, necessitating terms of avoidance, to the instantaneous propagation of nature's sympathetic evolutions, of the same nature as the one advanced in the assertion that a force does not exist in the interstitial embrace of all matter. ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - Snell

"As density increases, we know that pressure increases. As all potential resists passage through it with a strength which varies with its voltage pressure or density, and as a liquid is a more dense high potential than the air, the water bends the light which reflects the image of the stone to the surface of the pool in a violent curve, then from there to the man's eyes in an immeasurably slight curve. The man does not actually see the stone, nor the position where the stone lies. He sees only its projected image and its position in Nature's mirror." [Russell, Genero-Radiative Concept]

The division of sexless Oneness into pairs could not be a part of Nature's process without also dividing the Oneness of Light. God's Magnetic Light is white because it is still. It has no tensions or strains in it, for it is not divided. It is invisible to the senses because it has no motion in it. The moment motion begins the Light of the Creator's energy is divided into pairs which multiply their red and blue intensities in the ratio of their extension from their cathode beginnings, just as electric potential multiplies its intensity for the same reason. [Atomic Suicide, page 92]

ALTHOUGH I am confident that the foundation on which I have been building is firm, and will never fail, I also feel that there are probably errors in raising the superstructure. "Truthful deductions must ultimately harmonise; like light, they will shine by their own effulgence." "If, however, we determine that we will not receive any truth against which objections can be raised, we shall remain in a state of universal scepticism, for against truths of every description objections have been and may be suggested." Appearances are often contrary to facts— "the straight stick looks crooked in the tide." And the question has always to be decided, whether the objections neutralise the positive evidences in favour of the truth of any assertion. [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, General Remarks on Harmonies of Tones and Colours, page 12]

"In 1816 André-Marie Ampère gave Augustin-Jean Fresnel an idea that the polarization of light can be explained by the wave theory if light were a transverse wave.

By the year 1821, Fresnel was able to show via mathematical methods that polarization could be explained by the wave theory of light and only if light was entirely transverse, with no longitudinal vibration whatsoever." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light#Wave_theory

Filter Spectra at Non-normal Angles of Incidence

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