Magnetic Light

Also known as:
Mind of God
Magnetic Light
Magnetic Light of Mind
Magnetic Still Light
Magnetic White Light of Mind
Neutral Center
still Magnetic Light
Undifferentiated Mind
White Light
White Light of God
White Light of Rest

"This shows how the heart beat piston operates between the vacuity of the Creator's Magnetic Light universe of Mind-energy and the potential of the electrically pressured universe to create cycles of two-way motion." [Russell, Atomic Suicide?, Chapter 4 - The True Nature of This Mind and Motion Universe]

"I instantly, and timelessly, knew the still magnetic Light which is the fulcrum of life and power, also I knew the heart beat of the electric universe which manifests love, life and power in matter." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 7.3]

"We herein print two diagrams to symbolize both ends of the compression-expansion pump, which this universe is. We cannot move our little finger without gaining the power to do so from the vacuum Source of that power. We do not know that fact yet. We do not yet know that we live, and breathe, and express our multiple desires only by constantly taking power for each cycle from God and giving it back to Him at each cycle's end. Man has not yet become aware of the fact that he is but the motion within the divine Cosmic vacuum tube which sparks its little light from out of its dark, and is, himself, that dark when his light goes out. When man is fully aware of the fact that he eternally lives in God's invisible Magnetic Light as One with it, and merely manifests life by action in the electric universe, he will then know that when action ceases it merely ceases without affecting him, even as sound ceases without affecting him who made the sound." [Atomic Suicide, page 82-83]

The division of sexless Oneness into pairs could not be a part of Nature's process without also dividing the Oneness of Light. God's Magnetic Light is white because it is still. It has no tensions or strains in it, for it is not divided. It is invisible to the senses because it has no motion in it. The moment motion begins the Light of the Creator's energy is divided into pairs which multiply their red and blue intensities in the ratio of their extension from their cathode beginnings, just as electric potential multiplies its intensity for the same reason. [Atomic Suicide, page 92]

"The Magnetic Light is sexless for it is in equilibrium. Its electric division into pairs creates the dual sex condition which we know as male and female. When these two conditions unite they become ONE." [Atomic Suicide, page 181]

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