14.19 - Dominant is Light

"The dominant is electricity luminous or propulsive positive." The Snell Manuscript

This Dominant condition in Nature permeates every atom and molecule. It is the Light of the Mind of Diety and as such is neutral but can be differentiated into a polar condition. From this Light all form is created. Therefore it is likely the so-called missing matter of the universal is not Dark Matter but Undifferentiated Light which is entirely invisible or non-visible as spectral light.

"What does this activity represent, by which luminosity is induced in the high etheric realm? Does not the force following permeation by the Divine Will show that even this order of ether, this luminiferous region, is bounded by a greater region still beyond? - that is but the shore which borders the realm, from which the radiating forces of the Infinite emanate; the luminiferous being the intermediate which transfers the will force of the Almighty towards the neutral centers of all created things, animate and inanimate, visible and invisible; even down into the very depths of all molecular masses. The activity of the corpuscles, in all aggregations, represents the outflow of this celestial force, from the luminiferous track, towards all these molecular centers of neutrality, and reveals to us the connecting link between mind and matter." Keely and His Discoveries, page 270

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