Philosophers Stone

Philosopher's Stone

Manly Palmer Hall
"The alchemist realizes that he himself is the Philosopher’s Stone, and that this stone is made diamond like when the salt and the sulphur, or the spirit and the body, are united through mercury, the link of mind. Man is the incarnated principle of mind as the animal is of emotion. He stands with one foot on the heavens and the other on the earth. His higher being is lifted to the celestial spheres, but the lower man ties him to matter. Now the philosopher, building his sacred stone, is doing so by harmonizing his spirit and his body. The result is the Philosopher’s Stone. The hard knocks of life chip it away and facet it until it reflects lights from a million different angles." [Manly Palmer Hall, Initiates of the Flame]

"Man must overcome the seven planets and transmute them into soul powers. Their negative forces are the seven deadly sins, which are overcome by a symbolic struggle with demons and dragons and, in turn, are transmuted into the seven cardinal virtues. This is the key to alchemy, for from the seven base metals, first spiritualized and then brought together as a secret compound, is produced the Philosopher's Stone, the purified soul." [Manly Palmer Hall]

“Nature is the great book whose secrets he seeks to understand through her own wondrous symbolism. His own Spiritual Flame is the lamp by which he reads, and without this the printed pages mean nothing to him. His own body is the furnace in which he prepares the Philosopher’s Stone; his senses and organs are the test tubes, and incentive is the flame from the burner. Salt, sulphur, and mercury are the chemicals of his craft.
According to the ancient philosophers, salt was of the earth earthy, sulphur was a fire which was spirit, while mercury was nothing, only a messenger like the winged Hermes of the Greeks. His color is purple, which is the blending of the red and the blue—the blue of the spirit and the red of the body.
The alchemist realizes that he himself is the Philosopher’s Stone, and that this stone is made diamond-like when the salt and the sulphur, or the spirit and the body, are united through mercury, the link of mind. Man is the incarnated principle of mind as the animal is of emotion. He stands with one foot on the heavens and the other on the earth.
His higher being is lifted to the celestial spheres, but the lower man ties him to matter. Now the philosopher, building his sacred stone, is doing so by harmonizing his spirit and his body. The result is the Philosopher’s Stone. The hard knocks of life chip it away and facet it until it reflects lights from a million different angles.
The Elixir of Life is once again the Spirit Fire, or rather the fuel which nourishes that fire, and the turning of the base metal into gold is accomplished when he transmutes the lower man into spiritual gold. This he does by study and love. Thus he is building within himself the lost panacea for the world’s woe. The turning of the base metal into gold can be called a literal fact, as the same chemical combination which spiritually produces gold, will also do this physically.
It is a known fact that many of the ancient alchemists really did create the precious metal out of lead, alloy, etc. But it was upon the principle that all things contain some part of everything else; in other words, every grain of sand or drop of water has in some proportion every element of the universe therein. Therefore the alchemist did not try to make something from nothing, but rather to extract and build that which already was, and this the student knows is the only possible course of procedure.
Man can create nothing from nothing, but he does contain within, in potential energy, all things; and like the alchemist with his metals, he is simply working with that which he already has. The living Philosopher’s Stone is a very beautiful thing. Indeed, like the fire opal, it shines with a million different lights, changing with the mood of the wearer.
The transmuting process, whereby the spiritual fire passing through the furnace of purification radiates from the body as the soul body of gold and blue, is a very beautiful one.” [Initiates of the Flame, by Manly Palmer Hall]

Franz Hartmann
1. To recognize the true PRIMA MATERIA.
It is to be found everywhere; but if you do not find it in your own house, you will find it nowhere. It is a living substance that can be discovered only in places inhabited by man. It is the only substance from which the Philosopher’s Stone can be prepared, and without that substance no genuine silver or gold can be made. In thirty pounds of ordinary mercury, there is usually not more than one pound of the true substance; and a hundred pounds of ordinary sulphur usually contain not more than one pound of that which is useful. It can only be found above the earth, but not below it. It is before everybody’s eyes; no one can live without it; everybody uses it; the poor usually possess more of it than the rich; the ignorant esteem it highly, but the learned ones often throw it away. The children play with it in the street, and yet it is invisible. It can be perceived by the sense of feeling, but it cannot be seen with the material eye.
2. Use for the preparation of the PRIMA MATERIA only the rose-coloured blood of the Red Lion and the pure white gluten of the Eagle.
Let your Will be strong, but without anger, and your Thoughts be pure from that which infects the lower strata of the earth’s atmosphere. Let the fire of the divine Will penetrate deeply within your soul, and elevate your mind to the highest regions of thought.
3. Obtain the sacred Fire.
It is not of man’s making; it cannot be bought, but it is given for nothing to those who deserve it.
4. Then follow Multiplication and Increase, for which purpose weight and measure are necessary.
Weigh all things with the scales of justice, and measure them by the rule of reason.
5. The fifth is the Application, that is to say the Projection upon the metals.
This will be accomplished by nature without artificial aid.
- In the pronaos of the temple of wisdom, c. 1890 by [Franz Hartmann]


(Excerpt from a CAC General Reading, April 10, 1992)


A question from A.J. in Columbus, Ohio. "In a previous reading, you told us what herbs were consumed by Lee Chen Yung in China, who was reported to have lived to be 256 years of age. The medieval English writer, Roger Bacon, wrote in the 13th Century AD of an Arab named Artephius, who Bacon said lived to be 1,025 years of age at a time far later than the long-lived people listed in the Bible. I must say that I am very skeptical of this. If Bacon's report is true, this information would be in the Akashic Record. Is Bacon's report true?"


This Awareness indicates that the entity Roger Bacon as one who was an alchemist. An alchemist is capable of creating that which is known as the Philosopher's Stone, for turning lead into gold, and also for rejuvenating self. This Awareness indicates that the entity, in describing this Arab, described a fellow alchemist, whom he had knowledge of, and that this fellow alchemist did indeed live an enormously long life. It appears there is some exaggeration in terms of years of his life, or the claims of the entity.

This Awareness indicates that the Philosopher's Stone as that which rejuvenates and helps to restore youthful energies in the system. This Awareness indicates that it appears to have been a valid assertion on the part of Roger Bacon.


He had a follow-up question: "If the answer is in the affirmative, what did he consume or do which caused him to live to such an extremely old age in times when the vast majority of people didn't even reach 50 years of age?"


This Awareness indicates that this has been given: the entity consumed parts of that which is known as the Philosopher's Stone. This Awareness indicates that this Philosopher's Stone is that which is described in many of the old alchemy books, that it has been written of in its creation through coded writings speaking of Fire, Air, Water and Sulfur, Quicksilver (Mercury) and Eagle's Wings. It has been described as coming from the First Matter (Prima Materia) and being made from the most abhorrent element there is, that which is hated by all human-kind, and as having been pierced by the dagger of the alchemist.

There are many different codes and symbolism used to explain the secret approach to the alchemist's creation of the Philosopher's Stone. Once the Philosopher's Stone is developed, it serves as a kind of powder that can be put into the melted lead and its presence then turns that lead into gold, or it can be taken orally as a kind of elixir of life which turns the aged into a younger person.

This Awareness indicates that all this symbolism of the alchemists led many entities to experiment with elements of mercury, sulfur, etc., and eventually led to modern-day chemistry as it evolved out of alchemy.

This Awareness indicates that there are dangers involved in the study of alchemy. There are also certain requirements in terms of one's motives and spirits. This Awareness hesitates to explain the technique for creating the Philosopher's Stone because there are mistakes that can be made and entities are likely to risk those mistakes for purposes that are nothing more than greedy.

This Awareness indicates that entities playing with alchemy need to be extremely spiritual and avoid the greed aspects. It can turn against you. This Awareness indicates however, that it does appear that the time is right for some entities to become knowledgeable about this ancient science.

This Awareness will give a short summary in plain English of the ways by which the Philosopher's Stone is made, and suggests that before anyone begins studying and making this Philosopher's Stone, that they turn to the books and symbolism on alchemy and study these areas more thoroughly.

Cosmic Awareness Breaks the Secret Code

This Awareness is simply breaking the code for you to allow you to study those alchemy books in light of the code revealed. This Awareness indicates that It does not wish to get involved further in helping you to create your Philosopher's Stone after revealing this code. Your responsibilities in this action are those of your own.

The "First Matter"

This Awareness indicates that the First Matter for alchemist normally referred to as water, is that element known as urine. This Awareness indicates that the urine is taken at the time of the spring or fall, at the eclipse of the moon. This is often referred to in alchemy as the "Slaying of Diana," Diana being the Goddess of the Moon. This Awareness indicates that this is to be put into a cornerless jug, in other words a jug that is bulbous in shape, without any corners, so that the urine can flow without being caught in any corners.

The urine or First Matter, is sometimes described as Mercury and Sulfur; mercury because it flows in a liquid form, and sulfur because of the sulfur content in urine. This Awareness indicates that in this rounded bulbous bottle there needs to be a cork or seal, preferably a cork, that can be put in after 40 days. The bulbous bottle with the urine in it is kept at room temperature approximately 80 degrees, or 75 degrees, relatively warm, during that 40 days.

After the 40 days, it may be capped with a cork, to continue fermentation. The fermentation that occurs during the first 40 days requires that you have it somewhere that can allow for the odor to escape without offending others. This Awareness suggests that this may be in a garage or room or shed, someplace where it can be kept warm, such as in a bucket of sand that is on a hot water tank or some place that keeps the temperature up. A light bulb in a box, after the sand has been heated may keep the box warm enough and may keep the bulb bottle warm enough.

The "Eagle's Wing"

This Awareness indicates that after the 40 days, the substance is corked, the cork put in and sealed with wax, dripping wax around the cork so that no air can enter or leave. This Awareness indicates that the temperature remains warm, but below body temperature, and time passes. After several months you will see a rainbow-like oil on top. This is referred to in the alchemical symbolism as the "Eagle's Wing." It is colorful in that the oil, when light strikes it, causes a rainbow effect so that there are colorful reflections on the oil that surfaces or floats to the top of the mixture.

This Awareness indicates during this time, the substance grows dark, almost black, and the Eagle's Wing, or the oil floating on top becomes more vivid. This Awareness indicates that as the year comes to a close, the oil begins to turn red in color, a more reddish color, and eventually, near the end of the year, it should become more or less dried out as a whitish colored powder.

Creating the "Starter"

This Awareness indicates that the white powder is the Philosopher's Stone, which then can become a product for creating more Philosopher's Stone by adding more urine and simply allowing it to ferment and evaporate. It works faster once it has a starter. Much like the starter in sourdough, it creates the starter for the more rapid creation of the Philosopher's Stone being repeatedly created.

This Awareness indicates that of course, the cork is removed after one year and new urine is added, and allowed to ferment and evaporate, creating still more Philosopher's Stone as it moves through the process. It does not become necessary to recap the bottle after the first year, but by simply adding to it, the mixture evaporates, leaving more residue as Philosopher's Stone.

This Awareness indicates that from this brief description, It suggests that entities wishing to study further should read some of the alchemy books available, but not to become too hung up in those books for many of the alchemy books are written by entities who do know what they are talking about, unless these are from the 16th Century. Many of the modern-day writers are speculating and guessing, and the main information you seek should come from books they quote from the 16th Century, or books from alchemists such as Saint Germaine, or Roger Bacon.

This Awareness indicates that once the symbolism is understood, you will be able to gather more meaning from these alchemy books, but it is important not to talk too much to others about what you are doing and it is important to work and grow spiritually as you progress with your alchemy experiment.

This Awareness indicates the main reason for studying the alchemy books is to look for those symbols so that you can convey the information symbolically to other alchemists and not have to talk in plain English, in areas and in situations that would be undesirable to you.


The urine used, I assume is that of the alchemist.


This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that once the first Philosopher's Stone powder is made, additional urine can be added to the bottle, and the substance can be heated enough to allow it to evaporate at a more accelerated rate; however, it should never be raised above body temperature.


While we're on this subject, we had a letter from K.K., Indianapolis, Indiana, which we checked out with Sam Millar (CAC Tarot Reader), who said his motives were sincere, and I'd like to read this and ask if the information just given would be sufficient for this entity to work with. He writes: "I was pleasantly surprised to see the mention that some information has been 'interpreted' by Ralph Duby on the subjects of alchemy and metallurgy. My spiritual studies, meditations, contemplation, writings, etc. lead me to believe that some of the principles of Nature (human, etc.) also applied to the mineral kingdom. And I began serious laboratory work in spiritual chemistry (alchemy) beginning in early 1988. The progress towards accomplishing the Magnum Opus has been steady and satisfying. And I feel confident in accomplishing the work. Over the years I have dreamt of the possibilities — to help C.A.C., the Aquarian church, and other humanitarian activities. I believe these are strong possibilities to come in the future. I have thought of writing to ask Awareness for insight to help me with the work, but so far I have gone it 'alone'. So, while I was first inspired to write in order to ask for the information that Ralph Duby 'interpreted' years ago that pertain to the subjects, at this point perhaps we should ask Awareness about my situation specifically, to see if any help may be offered. If you would like to ask in general that would be great. Consequently I could compile a short list of (not too technical) questions that would help me. The art of Alchemy is in the 'domain' of Natural Philosophy, so the philosophical insights, at the very least, would be very interesting to the readers, I believe." And that basically was his request and I'd like to ask Awareness if the information just given would be satisfactory to this entity?


This Awareness indicates this as being sufficient for the entity to create that which is known as the Philosopher's Stone; that there are many entities who attempt to deal with alchemy using metals; that this is not the proper understanding of the science. They can have many rewards in that direction also in terms of the action of chemistry.

Proof of Alchemy in British Museum

This Awareness reminds entities there is a coin in the British Museum that is half lead and half gold. It is divided, not pressed together or made of two pieces of metal, but it is divided as one piece of metal, half of which is gold in nature, the other half as lead. These markings on the coin suggest that it was lead to begin with, and that the gold simply was a transmutation that occurred to the coin.


This Awareness indicates that there was a time when the disclosure of information relating to alchemy would have been certain death to entities disclosing such information, but because alchemy as a science has more or less died out, is no longer seen as valid, and the books on the subject are so confused with symbolism, speculation, and double-talk, it is at a stage now where there are no alchemists around to protect their sacred science, and therefore, information on the subject is only available when given in plain English. The rest is nothing but confusion.

This Awareness indicates however, that It does wish entities to understand the symbolism of alchemy relates to far more than turning lead into gold. It relates to turning the philosopher, the alchemist, also into a golden being, a being of high spiritual nature. Without the spiritual qualities, it is unlikely that the Philosopher's Stone will ever have truly high quality.

The quality of the individual helps to go into the making of the Philosopher's Stone. It is related to the Law of Sympathetic Vibration: that whatever the alchemist is in his own vibration, that vibration resonates in the crystal of the Philosopher's Stone, and thus, the Philosopher's Stone is of the same frequency as the philosopher or alchemist. This Awareness indicates that as the Philosopher's Stone is created to develop a high spiritual frequency and then is ingested by the philosopher himself, the alchemist; that frequency of a spiritual level then enters into the physical body to become a catalyst for altering the physical cells to that same high frequency and it is in that manner that the rejuvenating effects take place.

(End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.)

ED's Note: I believe this "Law of Sympathetic Vibration" is a new Cosmic Law. (There is the Law of Vibration, but that is different.) Please add this to your booklet of Cosmic Laws and Precepts of Cosmic Awareness. Also, anyone successful in making the Philosopher's Stone, we would like to hear from you. The idea that taking the liquid can add 500 years or so to one's life has possibilities!

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