Law of Sympathetic Vibration

"The law which connects radiation (Russell's Mother) with absorption (Russell's Father[1]), and at once enables us to read the riddle set by the sun and stars, is, then, simply the LAW of SYMPATHETIC VIBRATION." This is the very cornerstone of Mr. Keely's philosophy - yes, even of the discovery." [Bloomfield-Moore; Keely and His Discoveries]

"Norman Lockyer, in his 'Chemistry of the Sun,' writes: 'The law which connects radiation with absorption, and at once enables us to read the riddle set by the sun and stars, is, then, simply the law of sympathetic vibration.' This is the very cornerstone of Mr. Keely's philosophy." [Sympathetic Vibratory Force]

This foundational law of the universe has been recognized by many and called by them diverse names: Sympathetic Vibration, Sympathetic Oscillation, Law of Assimilation, Rhythmic Balanced Interchange, Universal Heart Beat, Dance of Shiva, etc.

[1] Rhythmic Balanced Interchange

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