Sympathetic Vibration in Healing

Q-8: What is causing the pain in (niece's 143's) ear?

A-8: "Mostly from a sympathetic condition." Cayce (900-461) (2)

"Hence we find both the liver and the spleen involved in the condition; the spleen sympathetically, the liver rather scant in activity through the bile ducts that act upon the lacteal forces that are created for assimilation in the body." Cayce (475-1) (2)

"Each individual has its own individual problems. Not all are physical. Hence there are those that are of the sympathetic nature, or where there has been the possession by the very activity of same; but gold will destroy desire in any of them." Cayce (606) (2)

"Hence stimulating ganglia from which impulses arise - either sympathetically or functionally - must then be helpful in the body gaining an equilibrium." Cayce (902-1) (2)

"These are purely SYMPATHETIC conditions, and with the removal of the pressures and with the activities to the body as will produce the NORMAL activity of the organs disturbed, or the nerve system disturbed, we will restore normalcy for the body.

"The heart's activity is near to normal.

"Digestive system we find at times upset. Naturally, for glandular reaction there are periods when there are disagreements as to combinations in foods; there is the lack of the assimilation in the lacteal ducts as of a sympathetic nature." Cayce (1490-1) (2)

"In the organs of the pelvis or the genitive organs, as indicated, are rather sympathetic conditions; and with the alterations in diet, in the activities through the portions of the system indicated, these should be the nearer normal." Cayce (657-1) (2)

"These, as we find, are sympathetic conditions, and more functional disorder than organic; though, to be sure, there must come organic disorders unless time, patience and persistence is given to the system to allow sufficient time for the recuperative forces of the body to act or respond to those things as may be set up in the system - see?" Cayce (1690-1) (2)

Q: "Have I any lung or bronchial trouble?

A: "Rather sympathetic conditions, and mostly indigestion." Cayce (1690-3) (2)

"Hence we find pressures or depressing feelings, as of an over amount of gas in the lung; not through the rest of the system except sympathetically." Cayce (1548-1)

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