C-Square and Blanket

C-Square Blanket 24" X 30" comes with slip cover. Covers entire torso.

The C-Square is 2" X 2" square of special carbon enclosed in a poly bag.
Carry it close to the skin in a pocket or taped to the skin.
Price is $20.00
60 day no questions asked full refund if not satisfied.
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C-Square Blanket
It is working wonderfully for me and others.
Place the blanket over the torso 'near the skin'.
Experience is showing it need not be on or touching the skin. The operating principle is diamagnetism[1] which passes through any object or material unhindered.
It works on the chromosome level, lengthening telomeres, according to relative research.
It is fragile so no rough handling. If any of the pieces do break or crumble it will still work ok.
I cannot stress how powerful the "C-Square Blanket" is. It has changed my life and that of others who have been using it. The reports I’m getting back are positive and very encouraging. You will feel its positive effects in 1-2 weeks but it really kicks in in 30-60 days. Wow! The thing is like a miracle.
As my chiropractor says of the blanket: "We don't know how they work. But we do know they work!"
Price $700.00
60 day no questions asked full refund if not satisfied.
Paypal - https://paypal.me/dalepond/700
Venmo - https://www.venmo.com/DALE-POND

PS: Let me know if you feel any different after about a week or two.

Some effects users has been experiencing:
Reduces inflammation
Better physical and mental balance, centeredness.
Over all general better health no matter what ailment.
More positive and calmer mental attitude.
Stronger, sturdier, steadier.
Less pain(s).
Improved mobility and agility.
Better emotional calmness, positivity and clarity.
Sense of feeling years younger.
Improved regularity.

Hi Dale, I was telling my friend Scott about the C-Square and that I have more energy already. How much are they? [JM]

I was able to descend the stairs now with no pain! Thank you. [MF]

I think this thing has saved my life. I was feeling old and had thoughts maybe it's my time. Your little pad turned it all around. I'm feeling great now, feeling years younger! [WD]

I taped the C-Square to the right side of my calf which has had no feeling since my accident 12 years ago. The condition was corrected in only 6 hours!!!! Count me in! [MT]

Thanks, Dale, I am getting great results with the C-Square. My bunion is going away. I also use it on my chakras and can feel it when I do. [LA]

Hi Dale
I slept on the blanket last night and whooeee, that thing is awesome. I had been hearing the low hum since 2007 and when it is strong it affects my dreams... usually negative death camps etc. Last night I did not hear the hum and my dreams were beautiful. I slept like a baby too. Feel great today. You have something there!!!!

"I am really glad that I bought more of those carbon squares from you. I would be bed ridden if I did not have them!" [MT]

Thanks Dale.
I feel the C-Square has improved my strength and stamina. [JM]

I feel like the blanket amps up the energy. I put it at my feet now because, up near my head, I can't sleep. It is very energizing and makes me feel great. S has had less problems with his back pain also. My friends who are very tuned in could immediately feel the energy coming off the blanket. [LA]

Hi Dale, I haven't been able to walk except around inside the house for about a year. After using the C-Square for a couple of months I was able to walk the dog for about a mile the other day. [MT]

extraordinery - I used C-Square Blanket 10 days, sleeping well all night, back pain and L knee gone, stiffness of neck resolved, anxiety (diagnosed as severe) not present at this time, calm, content, increased general strength. Thanks Dale Pond, for your work on John W. Keely miracles and product "STAR" in the Square ? [M.]

it works marvels. 4 weeks, no pains, so much energy and motivation-new life because one blanket [M.]

Dale, I received the package of 10 C-Squares. Thank you so much for your generosity! I am thrilled to explore and discover more power of healing attributed to these magick squares! [T.P.]

Hi Dale, Hope all is well in Colorado. I wanted to share with you a testimony about your carbon blanket. My hormones were out of balance and palpitations were getting so common. I slept with the blanket last night and the rapid heart beat stopped. I had a good night's sleep for a change. I have been keeping it on my lap as I work today. My mood is better. [MS]

"The pain in my leg and foot has all but disappeared in just two days of using the C-Square. Remarkable." [G]

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