Gianni A. Dotto

Gianni Dotto

Gianni A. Dotto was born in Venice, son of a prominent engineer who was the designer of two hydro-electric generating plants on both the American and Canadian sides of Niagara Falls.

His father was an Italian Marquis and since Gianni is the eldest son, he would have inherited the title had he not become an American citizen. The family is directly descended from Galileo and the Galileo Coat of Arms has been adopted for use as the Foundation's letterhead.

Before World War II, Gianni had received flight training but Mussolini never did trust the Dotto family so Gianni was drafted into the Italian Army as a paratrooper.

When Italy surrendered, Gianni was able to join the American Air Force as a fighter pilot in time to participate in numerous engagements against the German Messerschmitts before the war ended.

After the war, Gianni became head of the racing division of Alfa-Romeo and started race-driving cars of his own design. His racing career ended when his wife, Renata, served him with an ultimatum: 'Either give up racing or me.' He is a prolific inventor as he is owner of many Italian patents bearing on the automotive industry and, subsequently, just as many American patents.

He is highly educated, holding the Italian equivalent of an American Ph.D. in nuclear physics from Milan University and the same degree in mechanical engineering from another Italian technical school. Subsequently, he received a degree in electrical engineering from Wayne University in Detroit.

While Gianni was teaching at Milan University, the medical school requested the services of a physicist to collaborate with the doctors on a research project. This started him on a career as a 'Bio-Physicist;' that is, a physicist that specializes in the area of the science of physics that bears on the human body. This embraces an amazingly wide field as it has to do with magnetic fields, polarity, the various vibrations and pulsations generated by the brain and, of course, the effect of the many facets of nuclear fission on the human body.

It was there that Gianni discovered that magnetic fields induced by an electric coil and by permanent magnets had a small effect on the human body, but that a mild magnetic field created by adjacent hot and cold areas was definitely beneficial. In other words, the thermal unbalance created a magnetic field that matched the natural field of the body.

Gianni invented what is called the Dotto Ring. This device was tested in the SLoan-Kettering Hospital where it was found to cause telomeres to actually lengthen. This phenomenon leads one to believe rejuvenation of the body.

Gianni Dotto Bed

Gianni Dotto Vertical Bed

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