"Man is the subject of Alchemy; and the object of the Art is the perfection, or at least the improvement, of Man." [Ethan Allan Hitchcock (1798-1870)]

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Alchemy originated, as far as we know, in ancient Egypt and Babylon.

Alchemical Table

Spiritual Alchemy - Spiritual alchemy consists of transmuting every human fault into its opposite quality. [Rosicrucian Manuscript, AMORC]

"One alchemist announced that one grain of this powder would transmute into purest gold one hundred thousand times its own weight. But his readers did not realize that this powder is wisdom, one grain of which can transmute all the ignorance in the world. Nor did the reader properly understand that the PHILOSOPHER'S STONE IS KNOWLEDGE, the great miracle worker, or that the elixir of life was Truth, which makes all things new. It was sad that misunderstandings should exist, but wherever great truths are given to small minds, misunderstandings are inevitable." [Manly Palmer Hall, A Monthly Letter, April 1937]

"Man must overcome the seven planets and transmute them into soul powers. Their negative forces are the seven deadly sins, which are overcome by a symbolic struggle with demons and dragons and, in turn, are transmuted into the seven cardinal virtues. This is the key to alchemy, for from the seven base metals, first spiritualized and then brought together as a secret compound, is produced the Philosopher's Stone, the purified soul." [Manly Palmer Hall]

"The purpose of Alchemy is to liberate the whole individual which is hidden in the darkness, threatened by the rational and correct conduct of life, consequently experiencing themselves as hindered and on the wrong path." [C. G. Jung]

Stages to Spiritual Alchemy:
1) Calcination: The process of breaking down parts of ourselves that are in the way of our own happiness. This represents the stage in our lives where we begin breaking down our egos, self-doubt, stubbornness, self-sabotaging behavior, pride and arrogance, and put it aside so we can find out what is underneath.
2) Dissolution: Our inability to take responsibility for our many faults, avoidance of traumatizing memories, and other inner tensions as they rise to the surface, causing us to become aware of how our behavior might be affecting others. This is the beginning of spiritual maturity and key to developing emotional intelligence.
3) Separation: Truly becoming aware of our authentic feelings for a person, or for ourselves. In this stage we experience our anger, frustration or disappointment towards another or ourselves, rather than reverting back to the old habit of dutifully trying to “forgive” or “forget” because it is the “right” or comfortable thing to do.
4) Conjunction: Provides the inner space – the simmering – that is required for us to truly and honestly accept all the parts of our authentic self. In this stage of spiritual alchemy, all of our unconscious thoughts and feelings bubble up to the surface and into the light of conscious awareness.
5) Fermentation: The beginning of our process of rebirth. This stage can be compared to the death of a grape, which then becomes the birth of wine. In this stage we begin to experience moments of our more “refined” self.
6) Distillation: The level of further purification. It is finding ways to live from a daily place of inner peace – even in the most mundane circumstances. This is what is mostly defined as “enlightenment.”
7) Coagulation: You become free from the mind and have allowed our consciousness or Soul, to connect with the Spirit. In this stage the physical universe is not separate from the mind or spiritual reality; it is a reflection.
These 7 Stages are essential to transmuting inner-elements of our past and transforming those elements into a substance that can be used to reach our highest and best self. Always remember, “One of the most powerful lessons that you can learn is how to convert the negative energy from the pain you suffered, into constructive actions that improve you, for others.”

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