11.13 - Dominant Conditions are Mated Opposing Pairs as Fifths

According to Russell the 4++ position is the point where polar forces - syntropic/contractive and entropic/dispersive - come together, focus and accumulate. This is the position, form and function of a musical fifth or Dominant position, within his system as also musically speaking. According to Keely "All the dominant conditions of nature represent the focal centers towards which like surrounding ones become sympathetically subservient.". The focal center is that point where syntropic sympathy, affinity, attraction, focus and motion coincide. It can further be presented the fifth of the scale is a naturally occuring harmonic (2:3) and by which music scales may be mapped in their evolution and progressions as in the Circle of Fifths concept. They are the centers about which seeming opposing polar forces seek and congregate to create form we call matter. The musical fifths are the same as Russell's 4++ position of his Scale of Locked Potentials. When the two mated pairs come together in balanced opposition at the 4++ or fifth position there is created a third condition of etheric vacuum, relativistically speaking. These three highly dynamical states constitute the focal center about which "like surrounding .. conditions are sympathetically subservient".

NOTE: The concept above concerning syntropic and entropic focus, accumulation and dispersion, while true about Russell's statements, is not strictly true (not entirely accurate) about what actually happens in nature.

G = The Fifth, 4++ and Double Tone

1) G = the Fifth of the Scale is a Double Tone - a Dual ONE - Yin and Yang mated, not separate but together AS ONE (sympathetic).

2) G = a Double Tone? By counting up a fifth and down a fourth it is a Double Tone.

3) G at 4++ is possibly the 5th octave configuration where Carbon is perfected harmony of components in opposition, ala Fuller's Tensor Force or Tensional Integrity.

4) The 0 (zero) positions of C## and Dbb are without polarity (i.e., depolar) therefore do not have a positive and negative oscillation (tone). The Inert or Noble gases reside at the 0 (zero) locations or very close thereto. Russell says of this "The Inert Gases are not elements and are therefore toneless and colorless." The Universal One, page 249. However, we know from modern chemistry these elements are not perfectly neutral and do combine with other elements under certain conditions.

5) In Figure 11.01 - Octave composed of Equal Thirds and Triads we see the Fifth has its arithmetical root in the next lower octave.

NOTE: C## and Dbb are essentially the same being octaves of each other.

6) G is the average/mean of these two as also the sum of the two lower octaves:

(512 + 1024)/2 = 768
256 + 512
= 768

See Russell, The Universal One, pages 9, 11 and 249
Table 11.02 - G = Fifth, 4++ and Double Tone

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