octave wave

"We tell our students constantly that the secret of Creation lies in the octave wave, therefore, know the wave. We, likewise, tell our students who are doctors, or chemists, lawyers, metallurgists, astronomers or inventors, that they must first be electricians. We, likewise, say the same thing to the humanist, poet or missionary. First be an electrician. Know the electric current if you wish to control people, matter, or your destiny. The chemist and musician make use of the same octave tonal scale, and the clergyman who knows its rhythms is vastly more fitted to balance human problems. We say to all men in all professions, and all walks of life, from the statesman to him who wields a hoe: "If you would know your universe of motion, your relation to it and your control over it, first thoroughly know just one cycle of an electric current and the still fulcrum from which it has its being." [Atomic Suicide, page 20-21]

"This unnatural concept destroys itself by its impossibility to conform to the chemical law of valence, which gives equality and multiplication and potential to mate-pairs in each octave, instead of 92 consecutive multiplications which ignored the octave wave pulsation principle." [Atomic Suicide, page 226]

"All through the nine octaves all full tones are divided into four equal mate-pairs. The first three of these pairs are equal and opposite atomic ring units, which increase their potential from 1 to 4. The fourth pair in each octave is united as hemispheres, such as carbon, and is the maximum potential of its octave wave." [Atomic Suicide, page 226]

"Chemically these zero points of beginnings and endings are the inert gases of the elements, the patterned seed record from which the octave waves of the elements of matter appear. The inert gases are the seed from which patterned waves of the elements spring as oak trees spring from the patterned inert gas which centers the acorn. The plane upon which the inert gases rotate is 90 degrees from the plane of carbon's equator, which is upon the wave's amplitude." [Russell, Mirrors and Lens of Cosmic Cinema]

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