We Now Build the Nine Equators of Cube-Sphere Wave-Fields

"Let us look more into God's ways. Let us have deeper understanding of how He makes His laws and how He enforces them. We KNOW that God's laws are inexorable. We know that it is impossible to escape the penalties of any breach of His law, and we should know that it is equally impossible to escape the blessings which come from working with His law.

"God has but one law, His law of BALANCE. His universe is balanced. It is at rest as an equilibrium. To disturb that equilibrium is impossible, but one can appear to disturb it by dividing it into pairs of oppositely unbalanced conditions which constantly interchange to keep in balance with each other.

"If you hurt yourself by losing your balance and falling, God is not punishing you for it. You are punishing yourself. God is not angry with you for hurting yourself, nor is He sorry for you. You have but had one more experience in trying to live within His orderly universe and each experience should draw you closer to God.

"To draw closer to God you must know His ways, for His universe is orderly and balanced. Your universe must, likewise, be orderly and balanced.

"Let us quote here what God tells us of His ways in The Message of the Divine Iliad:

"I am balance. In Me all My imaginings are balanced in their seeming unbalance.

"I add, but that which I add to one pulsation of My thinking I subtract from the other one.

"I divide, but as I divide I equally multiply."

"That is God's way. If He violated it ever so slightly there would be disaster of cosmic proportions in His heavens as stars, suns and planets crash together instead of continuing in their paths for ages, always being in balance with each other even to the weight of one milligram.

"Why does a man's business crash - or why does he lose a friend - or become ill - or meet with an accident? The answer is all contained in that one word BALANCE. Now let us graphically illustrate, step by step how God will multiply your desires and give you greater powers if you work with Him and His law.

"First you must have a desire which you wish to express by giving it a body and setting it in motion. No matter what that desire is, whether it be to invent something, build a business, become a doctor, or lawyer, or builder of bridges.

"Then - go and talk to God about it. Ask God to work with you to fulfill your desire. Ask Him for the power and the substance to fulfill your desire. Ask Him also for the knowledge to work knowingly with Him. Ask also for His inspiration and His ecstasy so that your creation will be masterly and enduring.

"You will find yourself spending much time in meditation with God concerning your desire. You will talk much with Him. You will hear Him counseling you, thinking with you. Through your Inner Voice you may hear Him say: "In the measure you ask I will give, but I counsel you to ask little and learn to balance that before asking more".

"At the precise moment you begin your very first action to set your idea in motion God will give you six mirrors of His invisible Light shaped like a cube. Within those six mirrors of Light are three more, all set at right angles to each other. And the measure of this cube of Light which He gives you is the measure of your desire. [See 6.14.1 - Mirror Cube]

"As the measure of your desire grows, as it must grow if you work knowingly with God, the nine mirrors of Light grow with it to contain your growing idea. There is no limitation to the dimensions of your achievement so long as you work knowingly with God and do not ask for a larger measure at a time than your knowing can keep in balance with the law of balance which those nine mirrors of Light MUST enforce." [Home Study Course]

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