Tachyon Field Theory


Tachyon, meaning swift particle, was the name given by Dr. Feinberg at M.I.T. to a theoretical particle which travels faster than the speed of light. According to modern physics, no particle can go faster than the speed of light. To entertain the notion of a faster-than-light particle, one must step into a theoretical world where time travels backward and objects have negative mass.

However far-fetched such a concept may seem, concrete evidence exists to back up the theory supporting Tachyons and a Tachyon Field. Electrons seem to appear from nowhere, and disappear into "nowhere". No one has been able to clearly identify a source for electrons that explains how they can be manufactured continuously out of "nowhere". Some possible electron precursors, like the decay of light photons, can only account for a very small number of the electrons which exist. This fact begs for explanation, and Tachyon theory supplies some very reasonable answers.

Since existence of a Tachyon Universe cannot be proven by instrumentation currently available, Tachyon theory is constructed by examining observable effects and drawing conclusions. Since Tachyon theory blurs the distinction between metaphysics (which deals with non-physical realities) and physics (which deals with physical realities), it has not been well-received by some main-stream physicists, even though concepts of negative mass, positrons (positive electrons) and other attributes which support Tachyon theory have been hypothesized and experimentally demonstrated. Though discredited by some physicists today, Tachyon theory persists, an artifact of theoretical physics that has yet to be replaced by a fully coherent and integrated alternative.

Tachyon theory states that the Tachyon universe continually creates, sustains and energizes the physical universe. Every created thing owes its existence to the expansion of the Tachyon Field. In this sense, it sounds like a religious description of the Creator, or the Creative Force.

The Tachyon Field is extremely dense. This density cannot be measured because it is a negative state, mirroring the universe of positive density which we inhabit. The theory of negative density is supported by an observable phenomenon: a perpetually expanding physical universe which is brought into being through pressure exerted by expansion of the invisible one. Pressure exerted by the Tachyon Field upon our physical universe indicates the existence of an invisible, highly dense universe, the Tachyon Field.

Yin/Yang theory of Oriental Metaphysics supports the concept of mirror universes. In Yin/Yang terms, all phenomena exist as dualities. For example, higher forms of life are created male and female. Atoms exist naturally as positively-charged protons surrounded by a whirling cloud of negatively-charged electrons. Even positive electrons require negatively-charged protons in the nucleus to balance and support their existence.

Some modern physicists accept the notion of mirror universes, which they call matter and anti-matter, but they claim a simultaneous confrontation of the two results in immediate annihilation of both. Though this may be indicated in laboratory tests involving highly excited states of matter, such extremely excited conditions only occur in stars in the natural universe.

Tachyon theory claims a gentler, perpetual flow of movement occurs between the material world and the Tachyon universe. As in a flowing stream of water, there are swirls of movement, as energy passes from one universe to the next and back again. Movement between material and immaterial, the transformation of energy into non-energy, occurs spontaneously, effortlessly and freely.

Tachyon theory is holistic because it accepts the notion of two interdependent universes which are actually indivisible: the visible, sub-light speed universe and an invisible, faster-than-light one. Tachyon theory also substantiates omnipresence, a purely metaphysical concept. The Creator is omnipresent (simultaneously existing everywhere). Omnipresent existence can only occur at faster-than-light speeds, since slower-than-light travel takes time to cross space. Therefore, omnipresence can only be an attribute of a Tachyon Universe where time and space collapse and no longer exist.

Tachyon energy is potentially omnipotent, yet actually harmless to biological organisms. The vacuum contained in an ordinary light bulb is said to contain enough Tachyon energy to boil all the oceans of the world. Yet life forms are continuously nourished by the Tachyon Field without harm as it materializes into the visible universe. The Tachyon Field supplies the energy needs of all living organisms until balance is achieved, then it eases until called upon again. As it is needed, and a depletion occurs, it rushes in until balance is achieved once again.

In Taoist thought, as well as Christian belief, The Tao (God) is considered the omnipotent force that gives life to all living things, and systains the Universe. One does not need to force change directly in the affairs of the world to correct them, unless one desires to be an instrument of change. Change occurs when the need becomes overwhelming, in nature as well as society.

Living forms developed and evolved by learning how to harness the Tachyon Field's resources, and we continue to evolve by developing more and more sophisticated ways of accessing these resources. The nervous system and brain are nothing but an extremely sophisticated antenna and receiver to absorb, process and transform the resources of the Tachyon Field into our thinking, activity and creativity.

We experience the Tachyon Field with our senses, mind and spirit as a warm, pleasurable, energizing and healing sensation. Healers have learned to access the Tachyon Field's resources for its healing powers more successfully than the average person has. Belief in a "Higher Power" enables them to draw upon the Tachyon Field. The more they draw upon it, the more effective as healers they become. They often acknowledge they are simply channeling the Tachyon Field's resources into the everyday world. They know the resources are infinite, and freely available. Throughout history they have called this infinite resource by many names.

In a landmark work, The Secret of the Creative Vacuum, John Davidson explains with brilliant insight the inter-relationships between cosmic (Tachyon) energy, electrical and spiritual energies. This book, shown at the left, is a must-read for anyone interested in higher consciousness, next-generation physics, "free" energy production and application, and the people and their inventions that will usher in our next-generation technological society. This book is available from BIOTECH INDUSTRIES. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this remarkable book, please inquire by clicking on this LINK and requesting more information.

Motors have been built which draw upon the Tachyon Field for energy. They exhibit strange behavior, such as increasing in speed the longer they run, even though they are connected to no visible power source. As they begin to draw upon the Tachyon field, they create a vacuum which attracts more and more energy to fill the space created.

There is an excellent video available which shows "free-energy" motors that draw on zero-point, or Tachyon energy. It is available from BIOTECH INDUSTRIES. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this revolutionary video, please inquire by clicking on this LINK and requesting more information. At the right is a photo of the video jacket.

Some motor designs need to be "jump started". That is, they must reach a certain RPM (around 7000) before they can start drawing on the Tachyon Field sufficiently to no longer need the conventional energy source to sustain their operation. It seems "jump-starting" the motors is like priming a pump. Once the draw created by the motors is strong enough, the Tachyon Field supplies all their energy needs without additional assistance from conventional power sources.



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