"Macvicar foreshadowed the teachings of this new philosophy when he wrote, "All motion in the universe is rhythmical. This is seen in the forward and backward movement of the pendulum, the ebb and the flow of the tides, the succession of day and night, the systolic and diasystolic action of the heart, and in the inspiration and expiration of the lungs. Our breathing is a double motion of the universal ether, an active and a reactive movement. This androgyne principle, with its dual motion, is the breath of God in man. The writings of the ancients teem with these ideas, which have been handed down to us from generation to generation, and are now flashing their light, like torches in the darkness, upon mysteries too long regarded as "lying outside the domain of physical science." [Bloomfield-Moore, see Father-Mother Principle, Neutral Center]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"I had already 'seen' the reality of the physical bodies composed of various communities of identical 'infinitely tiny entities' working in a spirit of co-operation and harmony to produce the various components of the body - flesh, bone, blood to eyes and hair.
The only difference between these communities lay in the type of work demanded by their common goals. Surely the DIVINE IMPULSE behind all this intelligent, purposeful activity in the body, was both the inspiration and foundation of man's own conduct when people worked in unison to produce a planned objective? They drew intelligence and purpose from the Creative Power yet how very different was man's behaviour when engaged in earthly construction or any other communal project for it was inevitably characterized by arguments and dissension." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 15]

"Inspiration is the language of Light." [Walter Russell]

"Desire what you will when you go to sleep, and you will have it. But also desire that you will retain it and remember it in the morning; and that desire will be answered, too. You will gradually develop the power of remembering your newly acquired knowledge. The inspiration you get in the night, you carry into effect during the day." Walter Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad

"In this way only, and through such knowledge only, can man know the meaning of that Silent Voice, which has tried to reach through his senses for ages. A continued effort to thus decentrate from concentrated movement to universal stillness, gradually unfolds one's spiritual and intellectual nature. Decentration invites meditation and meditation opens wide the doors for inspiration." [Atomic Suicide, page 173]

"Inspiration can never be produced; it can but be reflected from one inspired mind to another recognizing one." [Walter Russell]

"The science of music is the knowledge of how Nature proceeds in this beautiful region of creation in which so much of pleasure for mankind is found, and meet expression for the praise of God. "Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast;" how much more to gratify the civilized and educated ear; to stir with inspiration the prophetic gift; to comfort the troubled heart; and to draw forth the best feelings of our nature." [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 20]

The Art of Music, which is music on its spiritual and inspirational side, has been carried to a wonderful perfection of development; while the Science of Music, which is music on its intellectual and logical side, has been left far behind. Works on the Science of Music have been a failure, not because music has not a scientific basis, but, and for the most part, because Mathematicians have dealt only with the law of Ratios, ignorant of other laws which play an important part in music's scientific basis and build. They have carried the law of ratios beyond its legitimate sphere, and so their conclusions do not represent the method of Nature truthfully. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 33]

Music has an inspirational as well as a mathematical basis, and when mathematicians do not recognize this they reckon without their host. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 35]

The relations which music has to mechanics, the sphere of centers; to geometry, the sphere of measures; and to arithmetic, the sphere of numbers, show how deeply seated music is in the nature of things, and how independent it is of the will or choice of the musician. His composition may take any form his inspiration may suggest; they are subject to him; but as to the nature of music and its laws, he must keep himself subject and obedient to them. Music is of the aesthetic; but the aesthetic is of the nature of things. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 92]


YES, I am not here to inspire.
But you are here to be inspired.
These are two different things.

If you get inspired the credit goes to you. It is not me who is inspiring you, it is you who are open to me. If you bring your candle close to me and it becomes lighted, is it my flame that is responsible or is it you coming closer to me, bringing your unlighted candle? I don't move a single inch towards your candle, because that I consider a trespass.

I open myself completely to you.
I make my candle available to you.
You can bring your candle.

It is just as when a thirsty man comes to the well:

If he drinks and his thirst is quenched, all credit goes to him. In fact the well feels grateful, thankful to him because as more water is taken out of the well, fresh water goes on flowing into the well. If people stop drinking from the well and drawing water from the well, the water dies. Its inner sources become closed; soon the well becomes poisonous.

If a man of enlightenment remains closed - which is impossible, I am just saying it for argument's sake - if a man of enlightenment remains closed he will destroy his enlightenment. But it is impossible. Enlightenment becomes enlightenment only because he opens up. And he goes on opening - there is no end to his opening.

All that he is, is only a presence. That's why I say I don't do anything. I am just here for you to do something. You can come close to me. That's what happens when I am talking to you: unawares, you start moving closer to me. Your physical bodies remain where they are - and leave them there! - but you start moving towards me. Perhaps you will understand what I am saying, because I can see - when somebody starts moving towards me, I can see - the body is left behind and the person has come very close to me. It is in that moment you feel afire, ignited. But the whole credit always goes to you.

I am not the savior.
And I do not want ever to be known, by that ugly word, savior.
I am just a presence.
You can save yourself
You can burn your candles from my fire and my fire will not lose anything.
Yes, you will gain eternity.
You will gain ultimate bliss.

From Personality to Individuality
Chapter #20

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