Letter from Kegan Paul to Bloomfield-Moore

Kegan, Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd. Publishers
Paternoster House, Charing Cross Road
London, July 31, 1893

Dear Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore,

We will send you a copy of your book, entreating you to keep it entirely to yourself until it is published. We would earnestly entreat you not to think of sending copies for review as yet. We feel perfectly certain that if you do so, it will not be possible to bind everybody down, and some one of the people to whom you send will forget that it has to be kept back, a review will appear, and great mischief will be done by people who then want the book not being able to get it.

I am yours very truly,
Kegan Paul

SCRIBBLED NOTE: If an American publisher is found I wish to have you receive one quarter of the royalty paid on the book. If Dr. Brinton attends to it he is to have half of the remaining quarter to go to Mrs. George Perry whose husband was Ed. of Melt-J.?

SCRIBBLED NOTE: If Mr. Morton attends to the publication instead of Dr. Brinton he is then to have half of the royalty.

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