Letter from Bloomfield-Moore to Brinton

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Dear Mr. Brinton

I have posted this morning a copy of Keely and His Discoveries to you at Media hoping that you will be able to get an American publisher, and have it brought out, simultaneously with the English edition, in October; after Professor Dewar has made an announcement of the discovery of an unknown force.

This of course, depends upon whither Mr. Keely recovers his sight after the operation for cataract in time to impart to Professor Dewar the promised instruction. The right eye is to

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be first operated on and London specialists advice that no operation made on the left eye if the one on the right eye is successful; as the result is often unsatisfactory, where both eyes have been subjected to operation, for cataract, from the two eyes not working in harmony.

I have been seriously ill since the 16th of April, when I had an attack of vertigo, wakening out of a sound sleep, at 3 o’clock in the morning, and finding all the objects in my bedroom in motion. I left my bed in Paris on the 22nd to go to my bed in London - and have not yet regained my lost center of gravity,

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far enough to feel sure that I can keep my balance when I walk.

My doctors, Mortimer Granville and Samuel Wilks call my trouble brain and nerve exhaustion. Dr. Wilks says caused by mental and nervous shocks long continued not from brain work.

Dr. Granville writes to me July 11th, "Your physicians must look much farther back than than[sic] the date of you illness in Paris for the effective cause of all your troubles!

Before 1880 you had unquestionable proofs of the mischief done by anxiety of mind and nervous exhaustion, and the years since that date have brought their fresh worries and

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new burdens, increasing the strain to such an extent that a less vigorous organism would have sooner broken down."

Here I am not allowed to take the baths, for which I come, owing to the irregular action of my heart. I have done all that I am able to do in the way of correcting the English edition. If you succeed in getting a publisher, I am willing to defray all expenses and pay the same that I pay Kegan Paul & Co. which is 10%, on the sales and give you one fourth of the profits. I anticipate an enormous sale in America. Or, if you can get a publisher to undertake it, paying the expenses, I will give you half of the profits requiring twenty cents on each volume to be sold at $2 a volume. The English edition is 10 shillings six pence.

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Dear Dr. Brinton

I have only today discovered that Mr. Andrew in his publications left out the very passages most needed in Chapter VII on page 90, (originally in the T.P.S. pamphlet Keely’s Secrets) to make the illustration complete in referring to Zohtori’s[?] labourer.

I have written to London to have this pamphlet sent to me, and I will copy what I wish to have inserted in the American edition.

I thought that in my services, I had replaced all the important material cut out by Mr. Andrews, who denies or seems to deny that any truth has ever come into the world through or by any nation save the Jews.

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Also believing in Christ’s second coming, in the flesh he mercilessly left out all that bore on points which the did not approve. This course has made what I have had to do to get it in shape again tenfold more laborious than was the original composition and compilation of all my papers on this subject; for as Girard says, "our intellectual productions are always exactly proportionate to the integrity of our mechanism."

In case, dear Dr. Brinton, you find it to be impossible to attend to the revision of the English edition and get an edition in America out simultaneously with that of Kegan Paul & Co., will

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you kindly send the copy, which I forwarded yesterday to you, to

Frank H. Norton, Esq.
P. O. Box 1996
General Post Office, New York

to whom I will write on the subject as soon as I get the cablegram from you which I now suggest shall be the one word


It is only in despair of finding anyone in the wide world as competent as yourself to execute this revision that I should apply to Mr. Norton, now, for he has not shown that interest even in Keely’s work which gives one any confidence in his capacity to bestow the kind of attention which my book in

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its present mutilated and imperfect state[?] needs. His "fads" engross him to that extent that prevents him from using his powers of mind to get a just comprehension of the works that Keely is doing for humanity. He would rather write, as he does, ignorantly of astrology than to devote any time to what he considers may be only the fads of another.

I do hope and pray that you may be able to render to me, and to Keely, the much needed help at this juncture.

I give you carte blanche to change whatever it is desirable should be changed; for the various papers have been written, principally, before Keely had reached the stage when he had verified his earlier conclusions.

Yesterday I lost my center of gravity falling with such force as to daze me at the time. Mrs. Gen. McClellan[?]

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with[?] me in charge and did not leave me until my maid came and I was brought up to my room (seated on a chair) by two porters. For a long time I had to have some arm to lean upon, because of this uncertainty of my steps.

Please remember me to Mrs. Brinton and Miss Brinton.
Always Sincerely,
Clara J. Moore

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Please let me know by cablegram, through Mr. Borgh "Bloommoore San Moritz Engadine", If you come to any decision within the next three weeks.

Always Sincerely,
Clara J. Moore
San Moritz
July 20 / ’93
G. Badrult Hotel

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